Pac-Man gets first new mazes in 26 years

Pac-Man games, from the originals to the re-releases, have had gamers chomping their way around the same selection of mazes for 26 years, but Pac-Man's 360 debut will change that.

Pac-Man designers have finally decided on a change and put together new mazes for Pac-Man Championship Edition. The new 360 remake will play just like the old-school original, but it also includes "new mazes that dynamically change shape during gameplay, six new timed game modes, new soundtracks and high-definition graphics."

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Omega Kaze4571d ago

This has to do with Pac Man and its on the 360 so I guess this is it...woo?

troylazlow4571d ago


TruthHurts4571d ago

no one ever talk about Sony lying to their fans again. agreed?

cookiemonster4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

I didn't realize MS made any promises to you about a big annoucement today, I thought it was just internet nerds stirring things up again. Snobby gamers these days...

What did you think was gonna be announced at a pac-man tournament? xbox 720?

Apocalypse Shadow4571d ago

i ever saw.

i mean i like pac man.but i love ms. pac man.give me more mazes for that one.

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The story is too old to be commented.