Go! Gaming Giant presents Go!Cast Episode 31: The One with the New Guys

Mario and Mike discuss Borderlands and Assassin's Creed 2 in their first episode as the new hosts of the Go!Cast. The guys explain that November is continually the best month for games, and break down big November releases throughout the years. They also discover that Nolan North is the new voice of video game heroes. So check out their first ever episode on Go!GamingGiant.

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gameseveryday3296d ago

Nice stuff. Really interesting podcast!

Go Gaming Giant3296d ago

great job guys, cant wait to hear more

omicron0093296d ago

cool, nice podcast you got there.

Kamikaze83296d ago

glad to see that the podcast is back up and running. good show guys.

RaymondM3296d ago

Great to hear another podcast

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