10 games you won't but should get this Christmas

Flytrap writes: "Some games have all the luck. They're offered the front covers of Yuletide catalogues, blown up to fill shop window displays, hotly sought after by jobbing B-list celebrities.

Others, meanwhile, are left standing on the pavement of life, pressing their ickle frozen nose-wosies despairingly against the glass, and it's these games (or rather, those of 'em that are worth the asking price) that we're dealing with today.

Ranked after the link in no particular order are 10 games you should but won't be buying this Christmas - you plaything of the advertisers, you. Console and PC offerings get equal billing. Purchase links and prices are included.

Surprise us."

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ian723245d ago

I will be getting Saboteur. Others not bothered.

dirigiblebill3244d ago

You should definitely at least consider Gratuitous Space Battles if you're in any way fond of the RTS. There's a demo on Steam, iirc.