Lost World Returns now based on Crysis 2 and CryEngine 3? New Trailer relased

The developers of Lost World Returns writes: "Due to limitations in the way animations were implemented in CryEngine2 and the inaccessibility of the AI system in the existing SDK, a release for Crysis is relatively unlikely. But we will release Lost World Returns on a Crytek based engine."

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bigrudowsky3335d ago

beautiful looking dinos
i want a dinosaur game would be great to go on a rampage as a raptor

micro_invader3335d ago

Indeed, espeically the last dinosaur. Looking inredible so far.

execution173335d ago

yes, stalking your prey being a raptor, then pouncing on the other dino then sticking your giant claws into its flesh....all at the click if finger

bumnut3335d ago

the desert scene at the end of the clip looks amazing, its almost looks real.

TABSF3335d ago

Crysis mod on Cryengine 2 sandbox 2 by the looks of it.

Make me want to play Turok: Evolution as a raptor