Save Your Favourite Crystal Bearers Moments To SD Card

According to Japanese gaming website Inside Games, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers will include a screenshot feature that will allow players to take screenshots in-game.

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mephman3242d ago

You can do the same thing in Final Fantasy XI, but I'm not really sure Crystal Chronicles has the same depth when it comes to community...

SpoonyRedMage3242d ago

Well the community isn't as big, mostly because one has a number after the words Final Fantasy and the other doesn't...

...but there's a decent amount of Crystal Chronicles fans, just not as many as the main series.

Kyll3242d ago

oh joy, now I can show all those people that don't care :D

Haha, kidding, I hope this game is good, because I'm not much of a fan of FF:CC, but I'm all for there being an FF:CC that I'd like to play

Selyah3242d ago

It's a neat feature, doubt many people will actually find reason to use it though.

SpoonyRedMage3242d ago

Awesome feature. Now I'll be able to take lots of pics of the beautiful scenery!:D

... and also Layle getting hit by various things... like trains.