120° Xbox 360 is as addictive as heroin

Adam Thomas of made a major investment last weekend. It is already paying dividends but it is also as addictive as heroin.

Adam is talking about Microsoft's (somewhat) new entry in to the next generation of video game platforms, the Xbox 360:

"Forgive me for sounding like Bill Gates' personal spin master, but to say the least, this thing is incredible. The graphics are amazing, the sound amazing, exactly what you would expect from a next generation platform. But those features are only the beginning..."

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InMyOpinion4569d ago (Edited 4569d ago )

And the Ps3 is as addictive as crystal meth? What a stupid journalist. Writing sensational headlines in order to get noticed. He's just doing Jack Thompson a favor by drawing parallels between video games and heavy drugs. Video games is'nt addictive like say gambling or drugs. Although World of warcraft is another story ;)

@ACE - I am chilling. I'm pissed on the journalist, not on the 360 or Ps3. I own a 360 myself and I'm very pleased with it but not addicted. He's comparing video games to something that kills you.

I guess all you disagreers agree with that, then.
Video games are addictive and will make you sell your body in the streets in order to score games, which if you play them too much will kill you...

ACE4569d ago

chill dude 360 is amazing .... ps3 fanboy fu£K cra% ........

why do u fanatics do this enjoy what u have regardless if the 360 is better.

its the achievment system i tell u,,, that has made it that addictive lol .

its all good .

techie4569d ago

I wrote the headline :/ because this "Microsoft Xheroin, er, Xbox" just didn't make much sense to me.

closedxxx4569d ago

The addiction comes in the form of achievements. Something the PS3 does not have.
Many people find themselves playing a game much longer than they normally would, just so they can pick up some achievements.
It''s along the same lines as leveling up in an RPG or MMORPG. There is a sense of satisfaction / completion that some people get from unlocking an achievement.
I've personally become slightly addicted to achievement hunting, and I think it's a good thing for gaming.
There are games that tend to have dead / flat spots in the game that you normally wouldn't continue to play through, but having some achievements along they was has helped me play through the "not so great" portions of some titles, and I've been able to play some great game moments because of it.
The Gamertag/ Gamerscore / Achievement system on the Xbox360 is very well put together, and I wouldn't mind if SONY made a carbon copy for the PSN. I think it compplements the game experience greatly.

nobizlikesnowbiz4569d ago

Achievements are effing crazy addictive.

No one needs to help JT draw parallels, he does it with his own dillusional mind. So don't worry about giving him material he'll make up his own BS you know it.

TruthHurts4569d ago

ironically if it was heroin, you`d both be dead shortly after.
j/k kinda.

techie4569d ago

stop reading my headline and read the story! lol

TruthHurts4569d ago

it`s too powerful of a headline, comments just start rushing to peoples heads. lol

Expy4569d ago

This guy hasn't played WoW....

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The story is too old to be commented.