Special FPS Multiplayer: past, present and future of first-person shooter

War has always been a certain charm in video games.
Although a theme written with bullets and blood, the first-person shooter and the most exploited of all. Especially for PlayStation 3 gamers this is a particular period because of irons in the fire there was and there will be in the days ahead.

Any way we speak, this special is for the multiplayer component, that modality that provides many hours of gameplay and a depth greater than the single player campaign.

Among the titles already released and will have to go out we looked at Killzone 2, back in vogue thanks to the Platinum version to 29.90 euros, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Beta, respectively Massive Action Game (MAG) and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. All these fps we mention only the essential points that frame each game.

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