Make Your Own Mini-PlayStation 3

Jun Jang, the blog owner of Paper Art, has created some fun and easy-to-make models of many of the video game consoles and handhelds available today.

These mini-models will soon have their own templates, but currently the Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, the 360 HD-DVD Drive and PlayStation 3 PDFs are available. Each paper-model is made to be an exact scale model of their real-life counter-parts.

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toughNAME4277d ago

make some mini-games first

Firewire4277d ago

this is the only way to get a 360, thats not defective! Although it could still catch fire!

its a joke relax people!

ZeroAlarm4277d ago

true, true.
Btw these aren't exact-scale models; that should have been cleared up while the story was requesting authorisation but obviously it wasn't.

The guy who does these models is amazing - he must have so much patience. I made the DS lite one and it was really hard, but you just need to stick at it. Hats off to the man!

techie4276d ago

Amazing maybe...too much time on his hands yes (hypocrite I am lol)