Peggle - ZTGD Review

Killer Wolverine writes: A while back, I was charged with the task of reviewing a game that I had very little (if any) knowledge about. All I heard about this game was that everyone I knew was excited about it. When I downloaded the game form the XBLA and played it for hours on end, I knew Peggle was something special. And, throughout my playtime with it, I was wondering to myself why this game was not on the PSN. I mean, this game needed to be played by everyone! Well, with the release of Peggle Nights, PlayStation 3 owners finally get to experience the incredible addiction that is Peggle.

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MK24ever3249d ago

I won't even read the review cause I played it, and I'm a Peggle Master (the game said it, not me)!

mrv3213248d ago

Druggies are giving money to peggle Anonymous