Thompson's Secret Letter to Take-Two Shareholder

Jack Thompson, ever the delusionist, has given up on harassing journalists and politicians and is zoning in on investors for his latest anti-Take-Two spiel.

Today Thompson decided to drop Edward C. Johnson, III, chairman of Fidelity Investments, a friendly note to try and convince the guy to drop the company's Take-Two shares. For those of you who don't follow who owns what out there (and that typically includes me), Fidelity owns more than 20 percent of the game developer.

In his letter, Thompson continues to insist that he "prepared Senator Clinton" for her Grand Theft Auto bashing press conference and goes on to say he knows a lot of secret, company-killing stuff about Take-Two and the SEC investigation.

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Dick Jones5923d ago

I bet this guy was some nerd 20 years ago who got beat up by some guy playing pac-man in a bar, and has vowed ever since to destroy videogames.

Islandkiwi5923d ago

I very much doubt Senator Clinton spent one second with this nutjob.

I hope Thompson wakes up one morning and discovers his superpower, which is the power to be ignored by everyone.