Nintendo: Wii Sales Up 85% Since Price Cut

You may think that Wii sales are on the way down, down, down, but don't tell that to Nintendo! No, according to internal numbers, since the console dropped to $199 things have never better.

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Fierce Musashi3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

It's been like three hours since this has been posted and no one is here.

OnTopic: Might get higher this coming holiday season.

SpoonyRedMage3244d ago

Still got no games though... am I right!?


Fierce Musashi3244d ago

Totally, 2010 is dry like a bone. ;3 /Sarcasm

EvilTwin3244d ago

Speaking of price cuts:


So you can buy the Wii for $199.
And the Metroid Trilogy for $29.
$228 total for a new system and 80 hours of the best gameplay ever pressed on a disc.

It's a good time to have a Wii. Or buy one.

Saaking3244d ago

Like I've said before, the wii is the real variable. The PS3 will no doubt leave the 360 in the dust, but it's the wii that may or may not be beaten. It'll be interesting to see which console beats the other.

erathaol3244d ago

For a console in first place their still doing pretty well. The dry spell will finally break for the hardcore as Mario & Metroid launch next year fellas, maybe even Zelda too!

Also some decent games like Red Steel 2 and No More Heroes 2 are set to release.

Anon19743244d ago

I've always been a big Nintendo fan, but I don't get the Wii. I bought mine at launch and couldn't even force myself to play it, and I felt guilty about it! Didn't like Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP felt alien with the Wii-mote. Raving Rabbits was amusing for awhile but most games I tried I just couldn't get past how awkward and imprecise the Wii-mote felt. Even my wife said "I'm not going to have to point this stupid thing at the TV the entire time I'm playing, am I?"

I sold it a year later to a co-worker who was buying it for his wife and went back to my PS360. I just don't get it. The 360 is less money and 10 times the game console the Wii is and can't touch the Wii's numbers. It's like the gaming world has gone mad.

tunaks13244d ago

"Didn't like Mario Galaxy, Zelda TP felt alien with the Wii-mote... It's like the gaming world has gone mad."

no i think you have

Anon19743244d ago

If I had the option to play Mario Galaxy or Zelda TP with a tradional controller I probably would have loved both of them, but the Wii-mote was just an irritation. If you're going to make me waggle a controller instead of press a button, I'd rather press the button, thanks. It just totally distracted me from playing the game.

Fierce Musashi3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

Then there must be something slightly wrong with you if moving the controller distracts you from playing the game. In most Wii games all it takes is a flick. I don't see how that is any different from making a long button mashing combo/combo in some fighters when it comes to taking focus awayfrom the game. I heard of motion controls feeling a bit awkward at first because it's new, but if something like that distracts you from the gameplay then you mustn't be real focused when playing games. A lot of classic arcade game machines have you move with this big ol joystick that has you constantly changing the position of arm in order to move. Let's not forget those Dance Dance Revolution style games that have you constantly moving your feet. These controls are to simple to take any focus away from any who has played Wii games for at least a month.

It is pretty obvious that the Wii just isn't for you. It certainly does not make it any less a home video game console nor it's video games as video games as the Playstation 3 or XBox 360. It's simply all just mere personal preference.

ZoidsRaven3243d ago

I find it funny how you feel you have to post on pro-Wii articles telling everyone about your BS story of how you sold "your wii". Isn't is getting old?

Anyway. If YOU find it hard to move your arms, it's not the Wii controller's fault that you're some deformed guy that can't do something so simple as place your arms on your lap and use the controller that way. 7_7

And for crying out loud, it's called MOTION CONTROLS, not waggle. You mostly "waggle" in party games. If waggling was in ALL of the Wii's games, you would be right, but it isn't.

360 more of a gaming console then the Wii?
You know this is your opinion right?
You should start ending crapy statements like that with "IMO" (In my opinion). :B

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tunaks13244d ago

funny how there are barely any comments here, but when an article says anything about declining wii sales people come here with their epiphanies on how the wii is failing.

crck3244d ago

Please, you rarely see any kind of article about the Wii get over 30 comments regardless. Quite frankly the fanboys don't really care. Fanboys pretty much ignore the Wii and PC articles and they make up about 70% of the comments on any given article.

tunaks13244d ago

i was just reading these,

dont give me your bs, check the number of comments there

Mista T3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

whoops wrong zone

Mista T3244d ago

no games are on the wii except the new super mario bros.

they're getting desperate, I saw a huge spectacle in the mall near me in front of the gamestop in the mall

and as expected there were 3 year olds there and fat ladies using wii fit

-Alpha3244d ago

Really, in the grand scheme of things they really can sit back and watch the PS3 and 360 fight to the death and they will still be victorious.

They have made an instant success with the Wii regardless of what gamers like myself think about it.

PS3 tanked in comparison to PS2, and the 360 screwed itself with RRoD though LIVE is making them a fortune.

Nintendo is the only one this gen that swept the market. Damn the casual market. Damn it straight to hell.

LeonSKennedy4Life3244d ago

I agree.

The Wii has it in the bank. I don't hate the Wii and I don't hate Nintendo. They just don't have the huge studio support or the money that the other two companies have in order to create/publish games at the same rate.

To say the Wii's lineup is anywhere near the 360 or PS3's is laughable. However, it does have some great games! Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, SSBB, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Galaxy, Mad World, No More Heroes, Wii Fit, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Sports, and Metroid Prime 3: Corruption are just a few. It has more, I promise. I'm tired though. Lols.

In comparison,'s just sad.

I play my PS3, on average, a good 20 hours a week. The Wii, if it's lucky, gets a full two hours a week. That's only if I'm really in the mood also. I go months without it...never batting an eye.

Still...Nintendo wins.

TheBand1t3244d ago

Nintendo probably has enough money to fund Killzone 2 20 times over. They probably wipe their asses with bars of 24K gold.

LeonSKennedy4Life3244d ago

According to the lastest reports, they're worth about three-fourths what Sony Computer Entertainment is worth. That's A LOT OF MONEY!!!

However, that's Sony Computer Entertainment...not Sony Inc. entirely. The same goes for the Xbox division at Microsoft. They have an entire corporation behind them.

ThatArtGuy3244d ago

goes straight to their shareholders.

Somnipotent3244d ago

the PS3 is how old compared to the PS2? do you realize the PS2 did not reach it's amazing numbers until AFTER it's price was cut to $199?

the Wii is turning out to be just like the gamecube... which did amazing numbers at first but then it stalled and never recovered. why? because the PS2 had a better library of games. does the wii have a better library of games compared to the 360 or PS3? only a handful.

all i can say is this is going to be a repeat of last generation. nintendo can sit back if they want, they may be winning now, but we'll see how things look after the next year.

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