What I Did During The Great Modern Warfare

Critical Gamer Writes: In years to come, when I am old and using the words 'these days' too often, my grandchildren will probably look back at some old news on Google, turn to me and ask "What did you do during the great Modern Warfare 2 Granddad?". I shall take a good old gulp of oxygen from the tank, think for a moment and respond with "Nothing".

The faces of the children will drop and they will ask again with astonishment "Really Granddad? You weren't on the battlefield killing noobs?".

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KrazyFace3247d ago

MW2 may have hit over 13million sales, but I ain't one of em'! It's not that I don't think I'd get a lot of entertainment out of it, but more for the points raised in this article (like all the 12 year olds running around) which are pretty much my feelings exactly.

scruffy_bear3247d ago

I'm one of the 13 milliion to fall for the hype

Lelldorianx3247d ago

Well done. Commented on your site.

I won't be buying it until servers are in ;) Yeah, I was one of the guys b*tching about that :)

Pennywise3247d ago

I don't get the 13mil fascination with this game... It amazes me.

Then quality games only see 1-2 mil in sales. I will never get it.

Guido3247d ago

Bought two copies in fact so I can play online with my wife or friends who come over. The game is just a blast and I know there are tons of haters out there but you play it once and you might change your mind.

Maddens Raiders3247d ago

and the sales prove it. 10/10 -- rated M for Minors, I mean Mature.

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DemonStration3247d ago

It's pretty normal as an enthusiast to scoff at the latest hot mainstream hit. I used to be the same way - but I've learned that when it's good it's good and it's best to judge something on its own merits rather than the ones imposed on it by advertising dollars and a loyal fanbase.

Feel lucky you're not having this problem in the music space though. Admitting you enjoy Lady Gaga is a lot harder than admitting you dig Halo or MW2.

Mondayding3247d ago

I can't agree with you simply because you like chocolate covered pretzels and I know for a fact they fell from the nasal cavity of Old Nick himself.

kratos1233247d ago

lol i thought i was the only one how didnt like choclate coverd pretzels bubbels fore you.

Jockie3247d ago

The hype seemed to work for Activision this time around in general, despite calls for boycotts nearly everyone I know has bought the game.

I never pay much attention to hype personally, prefer to - as DemonStration said above - judge a game on it's merits rather than sales or fanfare. Judging MW2 on it's merits, says it's a pretty good fps with a fantastic multiplayer component, but the PC version seriously needs some love and attention.

UltimateSin3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

Still haven't touched the Multiplayer almost after 3 weeks of having it (done some Co-op), not one bit. I really should try it sometime.

dalibor3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

One tip, learn where people like to camp & expect them to be there. And having a smoke grenade helps keeping them preoccupied. They are dug in there like an alabama tick trying to get their killstreak going. Make 'em taste their own medicine & get those kills man. One last thing the supply package you get(get 4 kills in a row) DOES NOT count towards you killstreak total. Hope that helps.

UltimateSin3247d ago

Thanks for the tips.

I don't know why but I just haven't touched it at all. There's no reason to it, just I don't feel like playing it. Weird...

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