Yakuza 3 Coming in March

Yakuza 3 for the PS3 has been one of the most talked about games this generation. After releasing the first two entries of the series worldwide on the PS2, Sega has remained silent on the topic of Yakuza 3 receiving the same treatment. Partially due to low sales in North America for the first two titles, the chances of seeing Yakuza 3 see release here where dismal. Now, some new hope is beaming through

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Sheik al botto3340d ago

2010 Q1 is gonna be a massive hit on the wallet (again).

With titles like
White Knight Chronicles
God of war 3
Heavy Rain
Final Fantasy 11
Gran Turismo 5
and more

Delta3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

.......March of too much..........
(I'll be one broke MoFo)

Rikitatsu3341d ago

SEGA SUXORZ look at bayonetta port omg BAWWWW

hay3341d ago

Yakuza is exclusive. Exclusives not suxorz. And Yakuza 3 may be awesome.

Delta3341d ago

Sega is cool. Valkyria Chronicles begs to differ.

Delta3341d ago

Yakuza 3 is awesome. The demo is awesome.

3341d ago
blizzard_cool3341d ago

When I read this I was like: "Are they F*** serious? They know what games are coming in March, right"

blackpanther253341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

is different from 3. The graphics form 3 isn't that great but 4 looks insane. I hope they work on the aiming though cause it wasn't that good in the demo

gaffyh3341d ago

Please not in March, release it in February or April, not in March it's already way too crowded.

dragunrising3341d ago

Everyone better buy this one or we won't see Yakuza 4. This game is at the top of my list. Reminds me a little of Shenmue (tear).

colonel1793341d ago

If they release it in March, they won't be helping themselves at all... so hopefully, they don't blame it on us gamers for not getting sales

ABizzel13341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

OMFG, why are these [email protected]$$ companies putting all these games in March. Just move your game to Early May or Late June (Stay away from E3 time you may get over shadowed by games that are yet to be released). Putting anything in March is suicide because you're going against the biggest names in gaming. MS and Nintendo didn't put any games in March, because as of now if you're game is poppin' then the sales are droppin'.

But March isn't the only month crammed. So are February and January with 3rd party games. For once it's good to be a Wii owner so you don't have to spend tons of money on games.

Jan. (I can tolerate Jan. Buy 2 rent the rest)

Army of Two
Dark Void
MAG (according to gamefly and gamestop)
Mass Effect 2
No More Heroes 2 (Wii)

Feb. (And you thought March was bad)

Lost Planet 2
Bioshock 2
Dante's Inferno
Splinter Cell Conviction
Modnation Racers
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Aliens vs. Predator
Dead to Rights
Red Steel 2 (Wii)


God of War
FF 13
Gran Turismo 5
Battlefield Bad Company
Yakuza 3 (I love Yakuza, but in the US it's. In trouble)
Nier (In trouble)
Just Cause 2 (In trouble)
Metro 2013 (In trouble)

The first 3 months of 2010 is enough to last us for the rest of the year. I pray for delays on games for once.

BYE3341d ago


What's the problem, you act like it will become unavailable after march.

You can still play a game that came out in march in april or even october...

leila013341d ago

You don't need to buy all the games at once. Just buy one finish it, by the time you do, the next one will be cheaper.

sikbeta3341d ago


March is SATURATED with so many games, if it not sell decently, whiner SEGA will don't want to put more Yakuza Games out of Japan

I hope enough people buy this game or I'll be really PISSED!

ABizzel13341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Games that need to wait until April, May, or Summer.


Darksiders - I said this before and I'll say it again Darksiders is another God of War clone (go look at gameplay videos for all of you who disagreed with me in my blog about this). Their goal is to come out before Dante's Inferno and God of War 3, but they should be doing what the disagree people said, go the Zelda route and release this game in May 2010.

Army of Two - The first game made completely mixed reviews, and the second game looks like it's improving just not enough to hang with the big boys still. They need to take extra development time to make this game into something special, and one of the best co-op experiences on both consoles. Work hard and wait to release it May 2010.

Dark Void - There is little to no information on this game and it's coming out in a little over a month. Not a good sign. DOn't let this end up like Bionic Commando. The game looks like Gears of Warhawk with the climbing of Uncharted. Which sounds great, but watch videos and it looks about as fun as Fracture. Plus killing robots isn't very satisfying (I need to see some blood not oil). Not to mention this franchise is new to a lot of younger gamers, so it needs a window to itself so wait until Summer 2010.

MAG- MAG is the exception to the games above. It's great fun, but the only thing that bothers me are the servers. They work fine, but it takes a little too long for my liking to start a game, and when the beta's over and the game launches how are the servers going to hold up when it goes from about 100k players to a couple of 100k players in one day. I say push it back to April 2010 to tweak load time, and make sure the servers are prepared for the ambush of gamers.


Bioshock 2- February just doesn't seem like a good month to release this game. It's just an odd fit, so I say hold it off until April 2010, and polish away.

Dante's Inferno- This has to come out before God of War or their finished. Just wanted to leave that note.

Modnation Racers- Ok there's Single Player, 2 player online (up to 12 players), and 4 player offline. Perfect it can stay in February, I'd want to give it its own window in April 2010.

Heavy Rain- It can come out now. The only way I'd delay it is to add a motion control patch.

Aliens vs. Predator- It needs to move to Summer 2010 to get more polish and to stay away from big name franchises, because it's going to get left is the dust if it doesn't

Dead to Rights- Same thing as Aliens vs. Predator.


Yakuza 3- There are too many AAA titles coming out wait until April 2010.

Nier- New IP's need there own window to shine. Wait until May/Summer 2010.

Just Cause 2- Same thing with Yakuza 3 wait until April/May 2010

Metro 2033- Same thing with Nier. Wait until May/Summer 2010.

This changes will make the first half of the year better for gamers and developers, because it gives gamers a chance to recoup each month allowing them to buy games, and it stops developers from lowering the price of the game instantly, because it had horrible sales due to the sheer amount of competition.

ABizzel13341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Here's what 2010 should look like


MAG (as long as the servers work)
Mass Effect 2
No More Heroes 2


Lost Planet 2
Dante's Inferno
Splinter Cell Conviction
Heavy Rain
White Knight Chronicles
Red Steel 2

God of War 3
FF 13
Gran Turismo 5
Battlefield Bad Company 2


Bioshock 2
Yakuza 3
ModNation Racers
Just Cause 2


Army of 2
Metro 2033

Summer (Hopefully these games will surprise us like Batman: AA)

Aliens vs.Predator
Dead to Rights

Is this better?

gaffyh3341d ago

@1.14 - True, but that's not the issue. Most people buy the games in the month of release, and most people can only afford to buy a maximum of 2 games a month (and even that is generous!). If the game comes out on March, it is contending with White Knight Chronicles, FF13, God of War, Gran Turismo 5, all of which are much bigger releases.

If the game comes out in April, I know it is later and gamers would be pissed, but it is better for the game itself and would hopefully sell more, and at a higher price.

TheBlackSmoke3341d ago

Sega were on the fence for a long time about localizing Yakuza 3 because Yakuza 2 sold so bad in the west and now when they finally give it the go ahead, they release it during March aka PS3 christmas season part 2?

/opens wallet and cries a little inside.

RememberThe3573341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Whenever SEGA launches a Yaskuza game in the west they pick the worst time they could, then they blame us because it doesn't sell. Yakuza could have actually been popular in the west but SEGA released both Yakuza 1 and 2 at horrible times. It's almost like their doing it on purpose.

ico923341d ago

god of war 3 , gran turismo 5, and yakuza 3 all in one month give the consumer a break theres only so many exclusives i can buy in a month

fishd3341d ago



Damn I lova Yakuza series,so awesome<3 <3

aaron58293340d ago

So many exclusives on March...

I'm lucky enough to have played the japanese version of this game...

I hope none of the contents are removed.... and Sega, you gotta add in more content because you made us wait !


Noctis Aftermath3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

Don't tell me they are going to dub it? fuk that sh1t, keep it in japanese just provide GOOD english subtitles, valkyria chronicles subbing was terrible, nothing is worse then when you hear one thing but read the subs and it's completely different.

Never modify text to "suit" westerners, we want it translated as perfect as possible, things like "onee-chan, onii-chan, oba-chan" all that needs to be left alone cause it just doesn't translate properly when you convert it to "older sister, older brother, auntie" the meanings aren't the same so just don't translate it.

Also add Red Dead Redemption to the april 2010 line up.

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TOO PAWNED3341d ago

i would not...another great game in March? who can afford that?

lh_swe3341d ago

and that is all that matters :)

nycredude3341d ago

I am buying nothing but exclusives for the first half of next year. Something tells me the second half will be reserve for pushing the motion control games for both HD consoles. During that time I will go back and buy the multiplats form cheap! Muah hahahahaha! Here is my purchasing list for 1st half 2010!

Mass Effect 2
MAG (maybe)
Heavy Rain
Mod Nation Racers
Yakuza 3 (if releases then)

2nd half
Battlefield Bad company 2
Bioshock 2
Splinter Cell conviction
Dante's Inferno
Lost Planet 2

Plus some motion control stuff.

Delta3341d ago

PS3 - It only puts a hole in your wallet (in a good way). :)

DaTruth3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

The March PS3 onslaught continues! How will I play 5 games in one month. Might have to book more parental leave time off!

We can probably thank Demon's Souls for this!

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