Assassin's Creed 2 Infinite Archer Multiplier Bug

Nick from Lazygamer stumbled across an awesome Easter Egg in Assassin's Creed 2, infinite spawning archers

"This weekend, I was playing a ton of Assassin's Creed 2 and came across a very strange bug.

I climbed onto a rooftop like usual and came across an archer who was a little displeased at my presence. At this point, business as usual means that my hidden blade needed to be introduced to the archers torso. Problem was, as I stabbed him, he pulled a comic book superhero move on me and started multiplying."

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Pumbli3270d ago

This happened to me! Weird but funny glitch. :P

I stuck around for too long though and my PS3 crashed. :(

Redempteur3270d ago


the hidden blade will not be enough ...

Hellsvacancy3270d ago

I tried not use the hidden blades, a hammer 2 the head is the way 2-go

Dr Nightblade3270d ago

Its funny but in a game like this you could write off all bugs or texture pops ect... due to the fact that your playing a game inside a game, that it wasnt the programers but the ANIMUS that screwed up.

3270d ago

Love AC2 - just love it !

AliTheBrit193270d ago

I've played every major game this year, I buy a lot of games and those I don't I rent from Lovefilm

on both PS3 & 360

And this game is hands down, not a single bit of doubt GOTY 09, best game all year.


totally agree with you man.

I have bought all the big games on both the ps3 and 360. I totally agree with you. As a single player game it's my GOTY.

And thats in the face of all the other great games that have come out.

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