10 Moments That Made World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft celebrated its fifth anniversary last week. On 23rd November 2004, Blizzard launched its MMO in North America. Even though some critical features (player-versus-player battlegrounds, for one) weren't implemented, the game clearly outstripped established rivals in polish and scale at launch, and demand was so intense that Blizzard's overloaded servers spent the first few months fighting a losing battle against the tide of players.

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Gun_Senshi3246d ago

don't try reading the article you'll get brain damage

Montrealien3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

I guess it hurts some peoples feelings that a game 5 years old offers much more then any other console game has ever offered, its a shame really. You should focus you energy on a game you actually like something more productive.

Gun_Senshi3246d ago

did you ever played any other mmo?

wow is one of the worst pay to play mmo, its only mainstream bullcrap like hannah montana why it sells.

Xephon083246d ago

WoW whether you hate it or not has pushed the genera forward, its still a fine game, far cry from the poo sock days but still there is plenty to do and the materials are there now that in time we'll see a more polished and a better over all experience.

Montrealien3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

So much Hate Gun, lets see...

a few muds as a kid - check
Neverwinter Nights on my granddad toshiba labtop with compuserve - check
Ultima online - check (got hooked)
Everquest - Check ( got hooked)
Dark age of camelot - Check
WoW - check (still hooked lol)
Warhammer - check
Conan - check
Aion - check
Lotr online - check

I have most of the boxes for these games and I am missing a few, I make sure to try most mmos cause I like mmos, stop being a marginalist cliche, wow is a great mmo, end of story.

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3246d ago
Mutley4163246d ago

As long as they keep adding/updating this game will be around for generations...WoW will never die..

Handhelds_FTW3246d ago

That MMOs in general haven't moved past the Everquest formula, and those who try to differ from it, end up as failures with very few exceptions.

However, like it or not WOW will be around for a very long time.

Heres to hoping for something different and exciting with Warhammer 40K MMO.

Guwapo773245d ago

Man I remember all of these events... For get Bejewled - we had Texas Hold'em while we waited. Those were the days. And I still have countless hours on this damn age. 5400 gear score elemental shaman like omg.

Montrealien3245d ago

5400? what do you score with? Whats his name and server?