MadWorld Didn't Sell Well? Let's Try Again, This Time With Sex Appeal

Madworld wasn't a huge success in the West, so Platinum Games are trying a little harder for the game's release in Japan. At the Great Harvest Festival 2009-2010 event, the makers were seen promoting the game with Japanese bikini model Konan, who was dressed in a ridiculously pointy bondage-esque costume that is apparently worn by one of the characters in the game. Konan also demoed the game, which must have been quite a feat in that outfit, saying that it was "connected to my own movements and feels extremely good."

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Simon_Brezhnev3243d ago

well thats all they know how to do sex appeal look at Bayonetta.

TotalPS3Fanboy3243d ago

it will come to the PS3, where it will sell millions and millions of copies in Japan.

Valay3243d ago

Something tells me this won't sell much better in Japan, sadly.

OmegaSlayer3243d ago

Port the game to PS3 and 360.

Yi-Long3243d ago

I'd absolutely LOVE to play this game, but I don't have a Wii and I have no intention of buying a Wii (unless the price drops 100 bucks and it comes bundled with Mario Galaxy or something).

This game would have done much better on 360/PS3, I'm sure. Hell, why not just release it as a PSN/XBL Arcade title, for 10 bucks orso!?

mastiffchild3243d ago

Still wouldn't sell mate. The issue wasn't the quality, and wasn't the Wii audience either-it was the dact that it was criminally short and didn't reward you enough for extra playthrus. It was NO kind of value even if what there was was pretty good and quite brave to boot.

Because of the disyictive look of the game I can't see it even looking a lot better on PS360 AND yo'd lose the motion controls that made it what it was(and waiting for Sphere/Natal would make it over a year old before release!). I think it MIGHT do OK out i Japan but ONLY if priced as a discount title from the off(like EA shoul've done with Extraction-another awfully poor value game)AND given even more ads than in the west. A longer, more varied campaign with online elements might ppush it on PS360 I guess but the longer you play it the more the black and white tiresyour eyes so, personally, I think it's a bit of an ecoltionary dead end for gaming. A brave and interesting anomaly but still not something likely to spawn a host of copycats or a long running franchise, imo.

EvilTwin3243d ago

I'm with Mastiff on this one. MadWorld is a niche game, and it sold niche numbers. And $50 for a six-hour long game with no multiplayer or replay incentive? C'mon. That's a horrible value.

I saw that it's been marked down to $20, which is a much better deal for what you get. Unfortunately, the cost of porting it to the HD consoles would probably make the price go up, not down.

N4g_null3243d ago

Yeah I love the art but these guys need to sit down with the guys at treasure so they know what difficulty is along with game play that is fun. Shock does not last too long.

Maybe they should make the next one with 2d parts and 3d parts to get the game play right. I mean I still like double dragon better than this game and let's not talk about double dragon battle toad brawler!
In many ways these guy represent what is wrong with hd gaming all flas and no real game play.

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MajestieBeast3243d ago (Edited 3243d ago )

She has some crazy nipples there.

lordkemp0073243d ago

When i saw that picture at the top -- A prime example of a pair of t!ts.

I somehow thought of Bobby Kottich and Cliffy B.

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