Sony VP admits DS games are 'fantastic'

In an exclusive interview with Pocket Gamer Zeno Colaço, vice president of publisher and developer relations at SCEE, made some revealing comments about the merits of the competition and the future of the PSP.

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kspraydad4740d ago

I thought when articles got submitted and approved at N4G the title was supposed to be the REAL title from the source website: in this case that would be: Sony VP says PlayStation Network will be key PSP driver.

The focus of the article is that PSP will be getting ALOT more attention in 07/08 through integration with PS3 and PSN. Did you expect, when asked about DS, that we was going to say it sucked?

Vojkan4740d ago


PS360WII4740d ago

You can change the title to the posts. If this is the only time you noticed this happening then you sir need to look harder. This is not an attack at the PSP first and for most. As you said it's about what we can hopefully expect from the PSP. ie more gaming stuff ^^ but I think for a competitor to say that even "some" games for the DS are fantastic is insane and title worthy as another. You don't hear Nintendo saying that "some" psp games are amazing do ya?
As far as #1 asking if we expected sony to say the ds sucked... uhh yea it's kind of their thing to do.

solidt124740d ago

People who think this is a big deal is just stupid. I like Sprint cell phone service but i work for a competitor, so what who cares, its not news.

Counter_ACT4740d ago

So he likes DS? big deal. He doesnt have to hate the competition. At least they arent saying the PSP is better than DS like microsoft would.

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