Rumour: Rare planning move to Fazeley Studios

Legendary British developer Rare may be planning a move into the UK's second city Birmingham with negotiations for them to move into Digbeth's Fazeley Studios allegedly reaching the final stages.

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RustyMagus3341d ago

I think a move could be good for Rare. They need to expand their efforts and come up with some new ideas. Their recent games have gotten a bit stale.

BlackIceJoe3340d ago

This would be interesting if Rare does move. I could see a move being a good thing. It could be fun working at a new place. I hope if Rare does move MS hires at least 200 more employees for Rare. I really like Rare made games and want to see more games from them. So if hiring more people can make there games come out quicker. I would hope MS would do that.