BioWare give life to Alderaan as playable world in Star Wars MMO

The planet Alderaan is well known among Star Wars fans, and now developer BioWare has unveiled its presence in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Before the Death Star went 'pew pew' on it, Alderaan was a haven for democracy and Greenpeace protesters, "a vision of utopia" they say.

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devilhunterx3244d ago

In Star Wars' universe, there are only like what .. 6 planets?

How about something new for a change.

Kal11383244d ago

Balmorra, Ord Mantell, Tython and Nal Hutta are new. We haven't seen them before. I think Hutta was in EaW though. Besides, we haven't seen them like we will on TOR. We haven't seen Alderaan in game (besides EaW) either.

Besides...they can't just include new planets we've never seen before. They have to include familiar places and they haven't even revealed all of the planets yet.

Oh...and this has already been posted.