Eurogamer Preview Haze

Eurogamer preview Haze:

"We've overdosed on games before, but we don't usually overdose in games. And clearly for good reason: mainline a bit too much of Mantel Corporation's soldier-buffing war juice, Nectar, and you can't tell friend from foe, and everyone who crosses your sights eats lead whatever buttons you're pressing. Fortunately you go bright red, so people can pick you out. "Five seconds ago he was their best friend," says Free Radical Design's Rob Yescombe, chatting along to a four-man demo of upcoming FPS Haze during UbiDays. "But suddenly he's their worst enemy." There'll be tactical issues to consider in these situations: do you kill your squad-mate? Rob Yescombe looks like he'd kill his squad mate..."

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Firewire4567d ago

Is anyone else getting sick of this whole "morals" thing in this game?
All they talk about is this crap. If you're gonna make a fps, make it that, not a fps with morals! Damn is the guy gonna go to church half way through a level or something! Or pray for every AI opponent he kills!
This game looks good, sounds like the play will be interesting, but give
the morals thing a rest already, I don't need a game to question this stuff in me or my game. I think Ubi is forgetting why most of us buy these types of games in the first place.
Just my 2 cents...

SmokeyMcBear4567d ago

dude, so you play video games to kill kill kill huh, hehe j/k. This is something new added to gameplay, how can something new and innovative be a bad thing. FPS are bland, same thing over and over again. If you don't like the moral and emotional aspect that is integrated in this game, well don't play it. There are more than enough first person shooter games where all you have to do is run and shoot and watch blood be spattered over the walls, play one of those to get your fix, but don't cry and moan because a developer is trying add different dimensions to gameplay. Plus this is the exact type of game that will shut jack thompson up. with these moral emotional aspect to games, he has no ammunition, so I say keep it up.

Odion4567d ago

Its going to go no where, it doesn't have a zing that makes it, its own game.

Halo- has masterchief and its simplcity over complexity way
Killzone- Has its future World War 2, that makes you feel like you filling a body with bullets
UT3- Has its chaos killing big explosion fun
Half Life- Has its deep an amazing single player and more hardcore by mixed multiplayer
Bioshock- Has its customize your gear to no end in a living world

techie4567d ago

Umm it has drugs...And the morals of war and killing....something which rises this game above others in the same league IMO. They've got me interested, but I don't think I'm the typical gamer who just wants to run around shooting things.

SIX4567d ago

With all due respect. Lets wait until we actually play the game before we say the game has nothing going for it.

Kleptic4567d ago

haha yeah you guys...You people think everyone is going to be happy with Halo 3, if it is the same with a couple new weapons and HD? I sure won't...In fact, regardless of platforms, this is the only upcoming shooter I see that is actually even attempting to do something different as far as gameplay...the 4 player per console co-op with online...the "nectar" stuff...and the "morals" or whatever, are at least going to seperate it from every other cookie-cutter gun firing game...

I should mention that BioShock should be included in this too...I haven't decided which one I want to play more yet...but there are people that are hoping halo 3 offers more than just "the end of master chief"...and a few new but hardly innovative weapons...

Most people have pointed it out already...this will go down as one of the most underrated games of this year the wake of Halo 3, that is pretty much inevitable for any fps this fall...

Genki4567d ago

because contrary to what you may think, many will settle for mediocrity, time and time again. This isn't to say that the game will be bad, as I actually think it looks pretty good, but an example would be Madden and NBA Live.

The same hampered gameplay churned out year in and year out, yet the sales INCREASE all the time. It's amazing. Again, this isn't to say that Halo will be bad, but it's reached a level of establishment that if it looked like Doom 64 it would bring in droves.

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The story is too old to be commented.