Last Remnant PS3 Officially Canned?

It looks like Square Enix has finally, and quietly, pulled the plug on the PlayStation 3 version of Last Remnant. The latest issue of the company's "Square Enix Magazine" retail promotional magazine does not list the title in its upcoming releases calendar.

The issue in question is vol.13, which features Final Fantasy XIII on the cover. A release calendar in the back of the issue lists titles of note from the company and its publishing/distribution partners (Ubisoft, Disney, and Taito). Last Remnant 2 is not listed in the date TBA area, which includes such games as The Third Birthday, NieR Gestalt/Remnant, and Front Mission Evolved.

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Jamegohanssj53245d ago

Go right ahead. No one wants this abortion.


GrieverSoul3245d ago

Squenix, please do us all a favor and cancel this game for the PS3.

Remember, the PS3 is hard to develop for and costs a lot of money.
Ok?! The PS3 is not worth your time to port this game. - /sarcasm

Seriously, i played this game on my PC and my keyboard still has stains of throw up in it. Serious! This game sucks big time! And I was so needy for a JRPG...

Megaton3245d ago

Seriously, contain the damage radius of this turd as much as possible, quarantine the PS3 from it.

Perkel3245d ago

yeah last renant is reaaalybadd jrpg . Turd

gaffyh3245d ago

It was an OK JRPG, in fact I enjoyed it more than Infinite Undiscovery, which I didn't even bother finishing. But I do agree that it should be cancelled, because the majority of people would hate it.

There was sometimes in the game I wanted to snap the disc in half cos it was pissing me off so much.

SaiyanFury3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

After months of no coverage by any source, and since the 360/PC versions did lousy, I assumed it was already dead. Since S-E is bringing out Star Ocean 4: International, I'm glad to see they haven't abandoned us faithful to Japanese RPGs on Sony's latest platform. S-E has been extremely ambiguous this time around with the PS3, but I'm glad to see some real love coming from the Japanese giant. Especially as a huge SO fanboy. I like my 360, but I'm glad to see the definitive version coming home to Japan's own monster. Japanese voice overs for the win!

Nihilism3245d ago

I was pretty f-ing excited when I heard a jrpg like this was coming to pc...then i played the demo. One of the few demo's that have convinced me not to buy the game. Seriously it was the most retarded crap i've ever played

Lifendz3245d ago

That's all I want. I hope Square doesn't disappoint with that game. Their history of RPGs this gen hasn't really been anything to get excited about.

ultimolu3244d ago

Not even surprised it was canned. They can keep it.

FarEastOrient3244d ago

Wow if this is official, Square Enix just disappointed thousands of Japanese since The Last Remnant for PS3 is still ranked in the top 25 games wanted for the PS3. Top 10 if you went by Newtype and Famitsu...


ThanatosDMC3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Bought it on Steam. Horribly done game. Dragon Age is awesome! I highly recommend it with Assassin's Creed 2.

FACTUAL evidence3244d ago

I wasn't going to buy this...but now i fuc#in hate SE even more....I'm not gunna buy FF13 till march 9th 2012! FUC# SE! Lying BASTERDZ!

Shang-Long3244d ago

3 Final fantasy games two being (mult Pc n 360)
star ocean (updated)
Bioshock (mult)

i mean who cares about some crap rpg when we get these

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TenSteps3245d ago

Where someone asked what ever happened to the PS3 version, which was then followed by silence. The way it was presented was classic.

-GametimeUK-3245d ago

Well PS3 owners mainly like their FPS games like Killzone, Resistance etc... The 360 is the console for RPG's

devilhunterx3245d ago

and yet XB2 has the most numbers of FPS. Go figure.

lh_swe3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )

Thats pretty funny dude, I happen to recall a couple of games called Gears 1+2, Halo 3+ODST and COD4 & MW2 selling like hotcakes on the 360 while ME only sold 2 mill(which is a shame in my opinion), Lost Odyssey 0.82, Too Human 0.62, The Last Remnant 0.59, Star Ocean: The Last Hope 0.56, Infinite Undiscovery 0.54. The only RPG that sold really well on the 360 was Fable 2 but the insane marketing for that game practically assured it.

Not to mentioned the later games (aside from ME and Fable) where all garbage.

SaiyanFury3245d ago (Edited 3245d ago )


Are you daft, sir? PS gamers only like FPS games? There's more FPS games on the 360 than on PS3 that gamers adhere to.

The PS platform has been the definitive platform for current-gen RPGs for the last 2 generations. Granted, the PS3 has not been a bastion of development lately, but as with the previous 2 platforms, the games are coming. A few might show up first on the 360, but the better versions ultimately show up on Sony's current platform. I remember, S-E said Star Ocean 4 would only appear on one platform. That was 1.5 years ago. Now, the superior version is coming on the PS3. Tales of Vesperia was also announced as a 360 exclusive. Now it's available in Japan on the PS3 with lots of extra content. I have zero doubt it will come to North America as well. JRPGs might show up on the 360 as originals, but the finalised versions seem to show up on the PS3. That's not opinion, but it's appearing to be a fact.

ReservoirDog3163245d ago

Guys, he's messing with your heads.

Though it is true the 360 has more rpgs, most of them suck. PS3 has fewer but those few are better than most that ever came out.

But back to the point, he knows saying that'll make people's blood to boil.

Messing with you.

ultimolu3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

You're a funny dude!

...Only that you're not. People like you seem to have forgotten that there are rpgs on the PS3 and more.

But anyway, you're only doing this to annoy people so whatever.

Redempteur3244d ago

? hum ? i'm sorry i'm busy playing valkyria chronicles ...

What were you saying ?

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wanderofys3245d ago

Easily the worst jrpg this gen, which is saying a lot because then gen has been pretty bad in the jrpg department.

Do the unsuspecting PS3 owners who might actually buy this a favor and trash this garbage. No one else needs to go through the frustration of realizing they just wasted 60 bucks on a terrible game.

Marcello3245d ago

Not just this Gen but infact the whole decade has been crap, not since FFX has there been a good RPG. Squaresofts merger with Enix has been one the worst things to happen to the gaming industry ever !!

Looks like Squeenix have actually made a good decision in cancelling this for the PS3, who the hell wants it ?? IT IS rubbish !!

Redempteur3244d ago

why would we buy this now ?

Let'see , ff13 and white knight are coming ( not to mention resonance of fate and numerous others )

-unreal engine ( doesn't work well unless it's optimised for ps3 and only batman and unreal tournament are optimized )

- it was a flop because of the game itself

As a rpg fan , why would i buy this game when i'm waiting for :

-Star ocean 4 international
-atelier rorona
-white knight chronicles
-trinity universe
-ar tonelico 3
-resonance of fate

and the list goes on ..

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