Burn360: Rogue Warrior Review

Rogue Warrior is the story of Richard Marcinko based on his novels by the same name. Rogue Warrior really picked a bad time to make a crappy FPS game following closely behind Call of Duty, its blatantly obvious that Rogue Warrior flat out sucks. Whether you compare the single player, multi-player, graphics, controls, sounds, or stories between Rogue Warrior and any of the other titles released in the last month, you gonna end up frowning on Rogue Warrior. It feels like a very incomplete game, that could have been much better given a little more time in development.

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UltimateSin4861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

Sorry, GOTY goes to 'Darkest of Days'...

Lou Ferrigno4861d ago

no way dude,liesure suit larry is da bomb.
the best -AAA quality game there is

bjornbear4861d ago

another Bethesda Publish Flop =/, and another 360 exclusive flop =/ (Darkest Days mentioned in review)

I love bad games though =D

Elven64861d ago

Rouge Warrior is out on 360, PC, and PS3, it isn't 360 exclusive, neither was Darkest of Days which was on PC and 360.

I doubt the mid development developer change helped this game any, didn't look appealing anyway.

Allowen4861d ago

First Bethsoft made a few GREAT games like Oblivion and Fallout3 but both with many bugs, then they publish that game with an assassin girl using a samurai sword that is a bad and also bugged game and now THIS RW ?
Rogue Warrior started to become &*#$% when the devs resolved to remove the 4 players coop and turn it a SP game.

LostCypher114861d ago (Edited 4861d ago )

They are Pretty good Developers. But horrible when it comes to publishing for shovleware comapnies. Seems like there fine with Sh!ting on there name with putting crappy products on teh market. First WET, Now this. shame on them for supporting this kinda Shovleware

4861d ago
Excalibur4861d ago

I was kinda interested in but will take a pass now.
That's like the 5th or 6th this year, No biggie I'm sure my wallet appreciates it. :)

BTW found this, it's pretty bad and MAN what a unnecessary potty mouth.