OXCGN's Avatar Demo Impressions: Surprise Hit Of Christmas?


"James Cameron's Avatar follows the invasion of humans onto the lush, tropical jungle planet of Pandora to mine a valuable resource. The only problem is, the planet's 9 foot tall, blue-skinned natives (the Na'vi) aren't too thrilled at being forced off their land. Hence we get to see lots of flashy epic battles as the two sides clash.

But what about the game? If you're a jaded cynic like me you'll have had zero expectations of the movie tie-in. The jerky, low-quality trailer on the Assassin's Creed 2 disc did nothing to change my opinion.

So some bright spark at Ubisoft has released a demo on PC, and a good thing they did too. This could be one of the surprise hits of Christmas. All screenshots in this preview were taken directly from the demo."

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BadCircuit3246d ago

The game sounds fantastic. I can't wait until it comes out.

gaminoz3246d ago

It does sound like a good movie tie in game, but I'm still not sure if I feel sci fi much anymore....kind of overdosed on it.

REALgamer3246d ago

Much more appealing than the dreary brown / grey look of 'modern' scifi (Terminator Salvation, District 9, Pandorum I'm looking at you!).

But got to ask, does anyone at all have access to any of the types of 3D the game supports (special 3D screens, etc)? Otherwise might be a bit of wasted effort to advertise it as a big feature.

chak_3246d ago

Played the demo, deleted 15min later, total crap (personal opinion, no flame here).

I didn't like lost planet mind you, might be why.

REALgamer3246d ago

But I liked the Avatar demo.

Awesome colour-overload jungle > empty white snow plains.

Ju3246d ago

Same thing here (PC demo). Couldn't convince me. To confusing controls, no real clear path in the game or objectives. Totally Lost Planet like (I was surprised, actually). Nice colors and vegetation, but again, I couldn't really get used to the controls (what weapon does what, these "dogs" attack from everywhere, I got dizzy). And too much on screen makes it slow if you don't have a monster machine or lower the details. And still, not close to movie quality, IMO.

Godem3246d ago

im over movie games letting me down, so ill wait for the reviews

DaTruth3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

Too many times... Too many times!

Fool me once... shame on you!

Fool me eight times... shame on me!

DaTruth3246d ago

I was actually very confused over the two movies! I remember telling my girlfriend the movie had nothing to do with the show; Only for them to release trailer based on the show.

I watch the cartoon with my stepson, so I was wondering what the Hell blue face was about. It wasn't until the game trailer released that it finally cleared up for me!

Ju3246d ago

The funny thing is, there is a new movie coming in 2010 "The Last Airbender" which basically is the animated "Avatar" with real actors. Just saw a trailer the other day ( ). Makes it even more confusing. That one doesn't carry "Avatar" in its name.

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