PlayStation and Facebook launch year-long game

Sony PlayStation is launching a year-long global interactive tournament, dubbed The Game, following its recent partnership with social network Facebook.


Please use the alternative source link! Basically this is the news posted @Twitter personal opinion from the source is not available to public view.

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villevalorox3246d ago

someone want to post what it says?

clixx333246d ago

Lol good going submitter...
All the thanks for those who inform me of this news.

Pumbli3246d ago

Haha, how did this get approved? xD

Silly gameAr3246d ago (Edited 3246d ago )

That's a good question. I think N4G really needs a new way to be able to approve and submit articles on this site.

VladimirK3246d ago

I agree with Silly.

A new review for a game that came out a while ago isn't news imo.
Neither is when it's obviously just fanboy crap.

*Waits for inevitable, "But you don't have to click it*

tdrules3246d ago

I thought I could trust you Sony, and I open up the browser and this stares back

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The story is too old to be commented.