Fuzion Frenzy Ready for a Return?

Reports are coming in that Fuzion Frenzy will be back for a next-gen second installment on Xbox 360. We can only hope for one of the best party games created to be Xbox Live compatible.

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Krimson5796d ago

The ulimate party game! Now i'm going to need to buy 2 more controllers :(

Joe5796d ago

Pick it up for the Xbox, you don't know what you've been missing.

Dick Jones5796d ago

Did not see this coming. Thankfully someone had the smarts to decide a sequel was in order for the 360.

360theAssasinsCreed5796d ago

I would love to get my hands on some fusion frenzy 2 for the 360, just what we need on the 360 a party game, excellent keep diversifying the game lineup MS it will pay off for sure. Also i would like to see a Quantum Redshift 2 for 360 i thought that game was a quality arcade style racer with a touch of twisted metal with the laser and rockets, but excellent fast paced racer. I know the game probably wasn't a best seller on the 1st xbox, but MS needs some 1st party games and i think this was a solid one, sure its no burnout or forza but very fun anyways.

Sphinx5796d ago

this game... but I'll check it out for the 360.

The Snake5796d ago

It's about time. MS if you are listening (I doubt it) GOOD CALL!

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The story is too old to be commented.