Dragon Age: Origins – Truth about Recruiting Loghain

Loghain MacTir of Denerim is one of the bad guys in Dragon Age: Origins that can join your party in pursuing the archdemon. We've seen how f*cked up he is when he abandoned King Cailan and the rest of the Grey Wardens in the fight to slay the darkspawn.

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VladimirK3272d ago

Wow, I'm glad I've already finished the game.

Way to make a spoiler for people.

ThanatosDMC3271d ago

Great and awesome game! Super surprised how deep everything is.

rogimusprime3271d ago

from this game if you know what's good for you people. 2 weeks in....logged in 80 hours already even though I work full time. Digital Crack.

ThanatosDMC3271d ago

I went 14+ hours non-stop on this game when i got it on friday.

moe843271d ago

Add spoiler to your title maybe? Anyway, first time through I recruited Loghain.

Myze3271d ago

If spoiler meaning that you can recruit him, I guess it is a late game spoiler, but doesn't really tell you much just in that fact. However, if you mean that he leaves the king to die and is evil, I really don't see how that's much of a spoiler considering, other than the race starting section, it's pretty much the first thing that really happens in the game and sets the story for the entire game. In other words, the whole Grey Wardens initiation is almost like it's still part of the tutorial, and anything that happens in that section (tutorial) would normally not be considered a spoiler.

3271d ago
BubbleSystemSuck3271d ago

WTF???? SPOIIIILER!!!!!!!!


Bigpappy3271d ago

I would take murderers and thieves, but no traitors. I have standards.

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