Get $20 PSN Credit with select PS3 game at Amazon

Infatuated Gamer: Amazon is giving away $20 credit towards their Playstation Network Store when you purchase a select first-party published Playstation 3 game.

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Madusha3297d ago

:0 sweet. That's a pretty mint offer.

myothercar3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

WARNING! $20 credit is for the *AMAZON.COM* PSN store. It's not the complete PSN store-- Gravity Crash came out a week ago, but you still can't buy it from Amazon.

I would hate to be stuck with $20 that I can't spend on new releases.

The Best Buy deal gives you a $20 card for the *real* PSN, though you'll have to weigh the con of BB charging more for their qualifying games.

Darkstorn3296d ago

I picked up GoW Collection and will receive the $20 credit shortly. I was disappointed that Amazon's PS store doesn't even have Trine or Burnout Paradise, though; it's all DLC and 'casual' games.

jhooty143297d ago

canada also or are we going to get t baged by the states :O

Gamer713297d ago

...because you're always looking "down" on Americans. (Hopefully someone gets the joke :o )

boJABER3296d ago

we are baged again. f*ck they dont give any offers and stopped shipping games to Canada

vickers5003297d ago

Does it come with the order when it ships? Or do they send you an extra email or something, or do you have to enter a certain code at checkout hidden somewhere on the website?

sorceror1713296d ago

We just bought R&C:CIT from them on Saturday! What are the odds we could get in on that deal?

Darkstorn3296d ago

Send an e-mail and ask for the credit. They will most likely reimburse you.

ABizzel13296d ago

Yeah these are pretty good deals. The XBox 360 deal is 12 months of XBL for $10 if you buy Halo: ODST or Forza 3.

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