PSX Extreme Preview: Star Ocean: The Last Hope International

Well, it took long enough, but Square-Enix will finally deliver this solid RPG to PS3 fans early next year.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International will be here on February 9 and with so many action games on tap for Q1 2010, this should be a breath of fresh air for RPG fans.

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reintype3339d ago

I'm not gonna buy a year old port of a game, that only has minor content upgrade. I've been spoiled by the SIGMA treatment, and if a publisher is not making an effort and plans to sell it as new, I say keep your SORRY A$$ game and don't even bother. I sure as HELL am not going to contribute to what's constitute as a blatant and lazy MONEY-GRAB!

You choose to go the Timed-Exclusive route, then you better offer us something MEANINGFUL in return. I mean, I like the inclusion of japanese voice-overs but 2d-3d avatars, really? Is that's the best SE can do for long-time fans of the franchise? FVCK THEM!

Zedux3339d ago

its not a port it has better graphics better gameplay with lots of extra content so who should complain are the ones who bought it for the same price for the other console!

reintype3339d ago

The improvement in graphics resolution is already a given, as well as the convenience of having it on 1 BLU-RAY DISC but what other extra content are you talking about? LINK PLS.

All the articles I've read so far, says it's basically the 360 game with improve resolution, japanese language, and yeah the 2d-3d character art, and that's it.

If this game is really release with just those included for the absurd amount of $60, then SE can GO TO HELL and kiss my [email protected] A$$! Sorry, but I'm not going to buy this game, even if I find it in a discount bin for $5, it goes against my principles. There maybe few RPGs on the PS3, for this RPG fan, but I am not that desperate!

The money that is suppose to go to STAR OCEAN 4 is now going to TECMO's QUANTUM THEORY. That game may suck, but I don't care. TECMO deserves my money more for their honest work on the PS3, SE on the otherhand deserves nothing but CONTEMPT for their atrocious disregard of their long-time PLaYSTATION FANS.

hatchimatchi3339d ago

"the game features reworked menu screens and a tweaked battle system with auto-targeting. SO4: International also features English and Japanese voice acting options. It really is international!"

The international version will have a new character. 360 has 12 slots, this game has 13 slots.
(click on characters, it doesn't show them all but there are 13 slots)
i think it is messed up that square abandoned the ps3 but business is business and it's hard to take square enix seriously these days. I consider them a joke tbh, yes they are one of the best developers in the world but they are a mere image of their former selves.

Bumpmapping3339d ago

PS3 version is going to out sell 360 version in one day LOL

Meryl3339d ago

well yeh you only have to look at tov ps3 sales to know that lol
still i am not getting this half-done jrpg, sorry s-e you better had found that magic again with ffxiii or else i am never buying any of your products ever again.

hatchimatchi3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

I bought, 'star ocean: till the end of time' yesterday. I'd never played a star ocean game before and i'm really enjoying it so far. Hopefully i can have it finished by february cause i plan on getting this game. I really enjoy the space theme.