Gamers Continue to Get Younger

Kids who adopt consumer electronics such as game systems are getting younger everyday, research firm NPD Group reports.

The age at which children begin using consumer electronics dropped from a geriatric 8.1-years-old to a more youthful 6.7-years-old in 2007. On average, kids begin using electronics around the age of seven.

Portable videogame systems lead kids' ownership of consumer electronics with an adoption rate of 39 percent, followed by portable CD players (30 percent), console videogames (29 percent) and TVs (28 percent).

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kewlkat0074750d ago (Edited 4750d ago )

I think NINTENDO knows exactly who these kids are at birth.... lol

yocdub4750d ago

I have a 3 year old son who loves and is surprising well at playing MOTORSTORM. My friends watch him in awe! I guess it runs in the family, cause my brother and I where playing Atari at 5 and NINTENDO came on the scene shortly after and remember very well beating Super Mario Bros. when I was 6.....even though my parents never quite shared my excitement on beating Bowser and saving the Princess.

ItsDubC4750d ago

Aren't gamers continuing to get older as well?

ITR4750d ago

Yep...all those kids that grew up in the mid 70's and 80's.

THWIP4750d ago

'cause I'm 36, and still feel like 20....but my gray hair and fading physique don't lie. :( :(