GT: Bonus Round Ep. 310 - Part 4: The Future of the Ward

GT: "Where did ideas for Call of Duty, both old and new, come from? In this episode of the Bonus Round, we go behind closed doors with the men behind one of the biggest franchises in video game history: Infinity Ward. From their work with EA on Medal of Honor: Allied Assault to their switch to Activision - we talk about everything from Modern Warfare 2 to what they're doing next. All that, plus we take your user questions straight to the developer!"

Guests in this Episode:

Robert Bowling - Creative Strategist / Infinity Ward

Mackey McCandlish - Lead Designer / Infinity Ward

Joel Emslie - Lead Character Artist / Infinity Ward

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Mista T3249d ago

nice interview, at least people have some answers now to there questions

The Hunter3249d ago

Yeah really nice interview.. And they talked about DLC, I hope it will be Spec-ops missions, I have personally enough seen that multiplayer maps about several games and to add new missions for spec-ops it will be 'newer' for me.. But maybe they will add both content, we see..

I dont know or they add also trophies to their content, Cod4 had no trophies, also not in the DLC and dont know or the Xbox 360 version had it with achievement to the DLC? Will be a pleasure for me..

3248d ago