Silverfall PSP dev diary

Monte Cristo explains some of the challenges in porting the attractive PC RPG to the Sony handheld.

"Porting a game might sound not very exciting to a developer's ears. However, as the title of this article hints, in a tribute to Sid Meier's definition of gameplay, the process can be fun.

In May 2006, Monte Cristo decided to port the PC action RPG Silverfall to the PSP. Of course, there would be technical challenges. For example, one single character texture of the PC version equals the total memory we have on the PSP! But there would be design challenges too."

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WilliamRLBaker4750d ago

I need more rpgs on my psp. I love rpgs!

MK_Red4750d ago

Wow, I didnt know about PSP version of Silverfall. I hope they dont change much.