Eurogamer: God of War Collection Review

As cynical an idea as 'remastering' old PS2 games sounds, the God of War Collection demonstrates how magnificent the net result can look in the hands of the right developer. Far from being mere exercises in nostalgia, these hugely entertaining HD versions underline exactly why we all got so excited about them in the first place, and suggests that while God of War III faces off against a lot of big names in 2010, the greatest threats to its dominance lie in its own past. Best of all, PS3 games are region-free, so there's no excuse for not importing this immediately. Simply divine.

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kaveti66163341d ago

This is great. I completely spaced on this yesterday and ordered Uncharted 2 off of Amazon. Oh well, I'll get this sooner or later. Anyways this is a bit off topic but I was watching a video about R.U.S.E. on youtube and the commentator said that they were pushing more than a billion polygons on screen. And I'm wondering if they're talking about the consoles or PC, because from my understanding, I don't think consoles can push more than 500 million on screen at any given time.

Here's the link to the video

At the 2 minutes, 28 second mark, the narrator says what I'm referring to.

Sarcasm3341d ago

I'm not so sure about consoles, but I don't think they're pushing billions of polygons yet. Definitely sounds like the PC.

Chubear3341d ago

EUgamer greasing up the PS3 fanbase for the shafting they're about to brutally lay down with ratings for MAG, Heavy Rain, God of War3 and GT5 lmao!

I can see it now

"wha.. wha.. wha..?! pft, stupid fanboys, we gave Gow Collection a 9! HELLO!! So what if we think MAG's a 5.5, Heavy Rain's a 6.9, GoW3 is a 8 and GT5 is a 7 O.o pfft! fanboys!" lol

Jamegohanssj53341d ago

That was a good one Chubear lol.


kaveti66163341d ago

Yeah, sure, chubear.

Is this your preemptive strike against the review critics? What do you care what they think? And what if MAG actually does end up sucking? I just want to know your contingency plan for that. Because you're speaking from the platform that PS3 exclusives must always be great. Are you going to pretend like MAG is awesome even if you end up hating it?

table3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

well eurogamer did give uncharted2 a 10. you can't pick and choose when to call them biased or not.

raztad3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Well to be fair Eurogamer scored Demons Souls 9/10 as well.

That said, how can you no to score UC2 or Demons Souls on the high side? those games are something else. The problem with sites like EDGE and Eurogamer, EDGE is the worst, is they are overly demanding when game is only on PS3 and overly indulgent when game is close to MS's interests.

It's not enough for a PS3 exclusive game, (following EDGE and EG), to be fun, diverse and well done. PS3 exclusives need to be out of this world in order to get good scores from them. Minor details, as the infamous "lack of innovation" translate to -2 0 -3 points to the score. At the same time MW2, ODST or L4D2 get away with "the same gameplay we know and love".

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SoapShoes3341d ago

I came in here thinking the typical 7...

Eurogamer God of War 3 review = 7/10. For reasons pulled out of their ass. :D Maybe it will be too much of the same? No Co-Op? Too much variety(lol gamespot)? Pick your weak excuse, Eurogamer!

mintaro3341d ago

Well one reason could be is that throughout all 3 games, gameplay has been essentially the same. Nothing was really added except a few new moves,powers and bosses.

SoapShoes3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

There has been a lot of changes. Heck, in GOW3 the scale will be incredibly larger than the PS2 versions and you don't even know all of what will be in the game.

Anyone could just say what you said about EVERY franchise out there. Halo, GTA, MGS, COD, NG, etc, etc, etc! That's the power of generalizing, being vague about something and making it seem like it's bad when it's not. For example, Vice City was nothing really new. Vice City was just GTA3 with a few new abilities and setting. See, I can do it too! Doesn't warrant a poor score for it, because Vice City was hella fun.

Also, that warrants a 9/10 for a port? But not for a sequel that will top every game in the series so far?

raztad3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )


Gameplay essentialy the same? the only common in the gameplay is the hack and slash part, but I think at least that part makes sense to remain the same right? if you played GoW2 you see a lot of changes for the better, better platforming, more diverse gameplay sections like when riding pegasus, the big Tebas statue at the intro level was awesome and spanned several sub levels, the combat was more complex, the puzzles were pretty good.

For some reason GoW2 scored even better than GoW1. I expect the core of GoW3 to stay unchanged as the demo shows, but adding more epicness, brutality, platforming.I'm sure titan levels will be something else. Looking forward to it.

Microsoft Xbox 3603341d ago

This remastered game puts many 360 exclusives to shame.

maniacf403341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

a remastered PS2 game shlts on all the 360 games.........sad

Hutch23553341d ago

I already have, but can't play on my ps3. So lame. Oh wait, better graphics, forgot, thats worth forty right there.

Anon19743341d ago

Just out of curiosity there something wrong with your PS2? I'm assuming if you own both God of War games you have a PS2, or a PS3 capable of playing them.

Generally speaking, most people buy PS3's to play PS3 games, not play PS2 games. Even though I have a 60GB PS3 (now upgraded to 250 GB) I only ever played one PS2 game on it. Those people who wanted to play PS2 games had more than enough time to pick up a PS3 that could play them, otherwise just hang onto your PS2.

Mista T3341d ago

if you buy the ps2 versions then they both add up and cost almost as much as the ps3 redesigned version, so why not get the better PS3 version?

Hutch23553341d ago

my ps2 is dead. So no I don't have one, and I am not going to buy another. If it were the other way around.. i.e. microsoft, this place would be full of, buh buh buh, its two old games for 40 bucks that I already have, but since its sony, I get, "epic doesn't even begin to describe". So sorry if I am a bit p.o.ed about this. Ticks me off that the 360 has backward compat. even if it isn't every game, and my "it does everyting", oh except play my old ps2 games. Just venting, playing uncharted 2 right now and love it, but the unfettered lovefest on this site gets to me sometimes.

firelogic3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

If playing PS2 games was so important to you, why did you even jump into the PS3 generation? And don't say because you wanted to play PS3 games as well because if that were true, you would have purchased a 20GB or 60GB or 80GB PS3 that are fully BC. The 80GB not "fully" but moreso than the 360 is capable of.

The PS3 is for people that want to play PS3 games. If it has BC, that's just icing and it shouldn't be a mandatory feature. WHY? Because if you want to play PS2 games that badly, plunk down $100 and get a PS2 and save your money. Buy a PS3 down the line after a few price drops or when you've grown out of your PS2 phase.

I sincerely hope that Sony only includes BC in the PS4 if it doesn't cost them anything extra (which is passed on to the consumer). Otherwise, leave it out and allow me to save a few bucks when purchasing the PS4. And believe you me, I won't be buying one if I still have PS3 games I'm dying to play on my PS3.

DaTruth3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Your unfettered griping and moaning about this site gets to me sometimes!

Please leave and don't return if you feel that way!

When the hell has 360 released remastered versions of its games for you to know!

Stupid 360 fanboys and their constant moaning about PS3 anything!

DaTruth3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

And come to think of it; Why don't you head over to the Wii section and check out all the love for Super Mario Remake with updated graphics and then take a look at yourself in the mirror.

And it's all console owners showing the game love!

hulk_bash19873341d ago

If you wanted BC than you should have shelled out the extra couple hundred when the 1st batch came out. You wanted a cheaper PS3, well, beggars can't be choosers.

kaveti66163341d ago

I agree somewhat with Hutch, and Lol @ DaTruth. What's up, Truth, criticism of the PS3 gets you down? It's a legitimate criticism for 2 reasons. Number 1, people who moved on to PS3 after PS2 naturally believed that PS3 would have PS2 BC because PS2 had PS1 BC. And 2, you assume that Hutch had the cash to buy a BC PS3, when those things were pretty expensive to begin with, and they ran out of stock quickly.

I want to play Shadow Of Colossus and the older Metal Gear Solid games, but other than MGS1 on PSN, I'm sh!t out of luck.

hatchimatchi3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

my ps3 doesn't have BC but i really wanted to play some old games that i missed out on (gow1&2, SotC, killzone, etc). So i went out and bought a slim. $100 bucks for a memory card, 2 controllers and some syphon filter game. I realize not everyone has money to do this but i'm really glad i did. In fact, i just picked up 'star ocean: till the end of time' yesterday. The game rules.

Bathyj3341d ago

To people who whine about PS3 having no BC, I really got to wonder if you were the same people whining that PS3 cost to much, because if you weren't you would have a fat PS3 with BC.

YOU, made your choice, just like the rest of us.
Live with it.

Hutch23553341d ago

I do enjoy my old ps2 games, sorry. I didn't by a ps3 until this past january. Yes I new it didn't have teh BC. The start of all this is the fact that people are falling all over themselves acting like 40 bucs for two older generation games with a spiffy coat of paint is the greatest thing ever. I don't want to go out and spend the 40 when there are tons of other games out there that I want, and I already have both of those games. So F off if you don't like how I feel. The other point is that if it were the other way around and they come out with a halo 1 and 2 with a graphic upgrade and charged 40 bucks for it, you people would be flipping screaming at the top of your lungs that Microsoft was the evil money hungry company, which in fairness they are, like so many other publicly traded companies. And sorry that I enjoy this site but get sick of the fanboys on both sides. I will bash either console when i see it doing something stupid, but most of you, now at least, think that if sony took a dump in your mouth it would be the greatest thing ever, same can be said for xbox nuts, just not near as many on this site anymore. So da truth, get bent, and to the others I hope I answered your question.

Bathyj3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

Actually, I'd love to finally see a HD version of Halo @60fps. That would be pretty sweet.

ndibu3341d ago

Anyone brave enough to go up against the bubble stealing PS3 fanboys on N4G deserves my respect.
I mean sure he took a swing at X360 fanboys as well but they are a scarce breed on this site and so do not pose much of a threat bubbling taking threat.
Did the ''media's hate'' really create this villainous, blinded beast that is the SONY Fanboy? What have they done?!

Why o why3341d ago (Edited 3341d ago )

a HD 60fps remake of halo 3 would be kool;)

Bathyj3341d ago

Screw Halo 3. I'd rather have the good one Halo:Combat Evolved remade.

At least Sonyfanboys can handle a little competition. They claim to be better but they werent crying for the opposition to be dead for a year before it was even launched. You mob whinning that this place is all Sony fans have got such short memories. Ask anyone whose been here 2 years or more.

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