Rumour: Spotify Heading to Next Generation Consoles

Baxy-Z have been tipped off that the ever growing and popular streaming music service, Spotify, will be heading to "next gen consoles".

"Since Spotify has really propelled into the industry and successfully launched on all sorts of platforms, I thought it'd be best to let you know that we have something in the works for the next gen consoles", said our tipster. "We've been working on it for some time now and we can't wait to reveal it to you guys!"

How would you feel about Spotify hitting your favourite console?

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Daves3243d ago

Wish fools would stop using the term 'next gen'.

But that aside, I'd love Spotify on my current gen ps3.

whoelse3242d ago

Would be good, but VidZone is better if you live in Europe.

Shotgun_Roamer3242d ago

Why would i be against making a console better? ridiculous question.

Tomdc3242d ago


Be able to play it right through ur tv at party's and stuff!

@ 1.1 it is way way way better than vidzone!

3242d ago
Shotgun_Roamer3242d ago

You better not be looking forward to it....

Gamehead363242d ago

Looking forward to the hip hop gamer show = FAIL

3242d ago
y0haN3242d ago


No audio ads ever wins for me.

Gamehead363242d ago

If i had a choice of getting ass raped or watching the hip hop gamer show....well i would choose the hip hop gamer show...but the point is the show sucks

black2burn3242d ago

spotify isn't available in the US - it's a plebeian service in a market with superior players (Grooveshark)

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doeman3242d ago

neither have i, nor do i care.

AnttiApina3242d ago

But you should... No... You MUST know!

ReservoirDog3163242d ago

Please, elaborate for us. Why should, nay, must we know about spotify?

Mindboggle3242d ago (Edited 3242d ago )

Free online streaming music...

But its Europe only

So F U

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BlackIceJoe3243d ago

I never heard of Spotify but with all the things like Netflix & Facebook coming out on consoles. I could see this coming out on them too. Even though I never heard of it before the more that can come out on the consoles I am all for. So if this rumor is true. That will be pretty cool.

kaveti66163243d ago

Another accessory feature that companies will fight over instead of making games. Great.

Karum3243d ago

I think you mean maybe just Microsoft, they seem to be the only ones focusing on everything but games in comparison to Sony and Nintendo right now and I wish they wouldn't because I'd like some new kick ass exclusives for my 360.

ThatArtGuy3242d ago

ANOTHER accessory feature that won't be available in Canada.

rdgneoz33242d ago

No one cares about Canada. Only good things to come out of there are Moose and maple syrup. :P

kaveti66163242d ago

What companies do you think I'm talking about. You think Sony doesn't care about adding features to PSN? Microsoft and Sony have been playing a quiet game of chess of Netflix feature for a couple years now, and the same goes for the cross-game chat feature. I care more about Microsoft stopping this nonsense and getting back to games because I know Sony has enough studios to keep on. MS is the one who is using its studios for XBL and Natal crap. They should be buying studios and making headway for new IPs for the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 3.

Karum3242d ago

I know what company I'd be talking about had I made the comment. You didn't mention any names though and unfortunately I'm not blessed with the gift of being a mind reader.

I do agree 100% though on what you said about MS and that they should get back to focusing on making games and building a quality library of first party developed/published games though, and not just shooters. I'd like something fresh.

Nac3242d ago

Bioware says HELLLOOO!

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Ezetta3243d ago

I LOVE Spotify, wouldn't mind having it on my PS3 !

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