Top Ten Reasons To Buy PS3 This Holiday

Today we have the PlayStation 3 and with it, there is a huge list of reasons to own it. So here at PS3Center we brainstormed some of the things we love about the PS3 and created a list of the top 10 reasons to own a PS3. So if you don't already own a PS3, or plan on buying a new system this holiday season, sit back and check it out. If you do happen to own a PS3 already, check it out anyway and see if you agree. Reason 10 - Free Networking Features

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Bungie3249d ago


ps3 is a good console

Shotgun_Roamer3248d ago

i almost feel bad for bungie.... almost.

Saaking3248d ago

I've got one reason:

It only does everything!

HolyOrangeCows3248d ago

I suppose PS3 sites should be making lists about the 360 and 360 sites about the PS3?


Mine (In no particular order):
1) Great lineup
2) Wide Games Variety
3) Free Developed and evolving Online Network
4) Uncharted 2
5) Ratchet & Clank: aCiT
6) Blu-ray
7) Free Online Gameplay
8) Demon's Souls
9) Killzone 2
10) Uncharted 2

Notice how games are a lot of the reasons. That's because Sony hasn't forgotten that people buy game systems for games...unlike Microsoft and Nintendo.

And yes, Uncharted 2 is listed twice :)

bjornbear3248d ago

I only need one reason.

Its the same reason that keeps multi-console or PS3 only owners playing it, and the same reason that keeps 360 only owners writing hilariously futile comments ( like yours ) all over the interwebz

Reason: ITS AWZUM!!!! =3

3248d ago
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Bumpmapping3249d ago

It Only Does Everything,including owning 3sh!tty in sales.

cyborg69713248d ago

1 through 10 It's not a 360.

MetalGearRising3249d ago

1. no games
2. only good for movies
3. freezes for no apparent reason at times
5. patches,patches,patches,patche s,patches that never stops.
6. not worth the asking price.
7. psn is half baked with lacking features which will require a life time to catch up to xbox live.
8. lacks Voice chat across games.
9. u will be laughed at when you purchase a ps3 and lose friends.
10. no good exclusive's.

Mista T3249d ago

last time I thought patches were a good thing? it's always good to have devs supports your game

just have both you dumb arse :P

Bumpmapping3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Top Ten Reasons To Not Buy 360 This Holiday
1. no games
2. only good for a heater....but it will eventually burn your house down.
3. freezes for no apparent reason at times
4. RROD/E74/Disc scratching
5. RROD'S,RROD'S,RROD'S,RROD's,RR OD'S that never stops.
6. not worth the asking price,still have to pay for,Xbox Live,bigger hardrive,warranty.
7. Xbox Live is half baked with lacking features which will require a life time to catch up to PSN (Dedicated servers,free online,Blutooth.
8. lacks next gen graphics across all games.
9. u will be laughed at when you purchase a xbox360 and lose friends and your 360 due to 60% failure rate.
10. no good exclusive's.

Bungie3249d ago

what are you talking about !!!

PS3 got games

it's just nobody want to buy them

Chet Faliszek 3603248d ago

good one metal gear.

ps3 is only for blu-ray watchers movies..

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Mista T3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

PS3 is an amazing console, and so is the xbox 360

it's great to be a multi console owner :P

but then my wallet well say otherwise when Mass effect 2, GT5, Splinter Cell Conviction, and God of War 3 come out, :0

gaffyh3249d ago

Good list but I would also add community, because although XBL community talks during gaming, they also have a lot of racist smacktalk, which would piss anyone over the age of 18 off. PSN community doesn't talk, but at least you can play in peace and quiet!

Mista T3249d ago

I have a bluetooth headset for my PS3, but I really don't use it ALL the time, some times it just gets so heated in the battle like in Killzone 2, MAG, BFBC2, or MW2, I just say F it and don't use the headset at all to concentrate more on what's going on

deadreckoning6663249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

@gaffyh- I've experienced racism on the PS3 as well. I picked a black character on Rainbox Six: Vegas and when I got a kill, the guy screamed out "EFFING N****R" If there is more racist smack talk on the 360, then it would probably be due to the fact that there are more people on XBL than PSN and every 360 comes with a mic. Therefore, the odds of hearing racism on XBL as opposed to PSN are high.

U also mention that the PSN community doesn't talk. I consider this a bad thing in team based games like Warhawk and the Bad Company 2 beta.

gaffyh3248d ago

@above - True, but I think it's more to do with the XBL userbase being younger than the PSN userbase. And although you get racism on PSN (which personally I have never encountered), it is no way as bad as what I've heard from XBL.

The only game where you really need team based work is MAG, and A LOT of people use headsets in that, because you NEED it. In every other game, it is more of a luxury rather than a real need.

Sarcasm3248d ago

To put things in perspective, the FIRST time I actually caved in and bought XBL and played Halo 3 online, all I heard was N****r F*G B***H etc. etc.

Wow... And to top it off, some idiot kid kept screaming "I KILLLLLLLLLLLL YOUUUUUUUUUUUU" in the highest pitched voice possible.

Granted, there are many idiots on PSN as well especially playing COD. But the ratio of XBL idiots to PSN idiots is probably 5 to 1.

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

There is talk on PSN ...we just don't talk with anyone ..

When i play a team based game i talk ... otherwise i just play... and it's better that way ..

YOU DON'T NEED to talk in every game

i talk when i play MAG ..i talk in battle field bad company 2 ...

BUt i don't talk in every killzone game , same with uncharted, same with blazblue , with burnout paradise ... In these cases i only talk when i play with friends

And sometimes ( soul calibur ,rock band , wipeout hd ) i don't talk AT ALL ... because i don't wanna .

I'm not the only one doing this ... Having a mic shouldn't force me to talk when i don't want to

Saaking3248d ago

the 360's low price and dominance in NA has led to it being overrun by teen brats who love to say crap. The PS3's high price point (until now) has prevented this repulsive individuals from getting a hold of it.

shawnsl653247d ago

i have to talk playing uc2 co op.. like.. i'll take this corner etc etc. while the team run around and get the treasures

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