Rumour: More Bungie Halo Games After Halo Reach?

Split-Screen: "Whether or not you believe HipHopGamer on Bungie Studios announcing a PS3 exclusive in 2010 (and without a lick of evidence or sane reason, no one blames you if you don't), there's no denying the developer's busy. Working across multiple unannounced projects, it's safe to assume the studio is devoting different teams to different tasks, and this presents the question: What exactly are the Halo stalwarts working on?"

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MetalGearRising3249d ago

More the merrier to me halo is the best game ever made except halo3 odst i say bring it on by the dozen and don't stop and f*ck u sony fan boys u lot have no say because this is to do with xbox360.

chidori6663249d ago


halo kart racing

halo odst 2

halo vs naruto

and this...


halo francise is only milk.

Bungie3249d ago

best game series ever

halo will never die

TOO PAWNED3249d ago

"best game series ever " - LMAO

The Iron Sheik3249d ago

"best game series ever"

Noob. Only somebody that started gaming this decade would say that.

3249d ago
Mista T3249d ago

are you out of your mind!!!!!!!! it's good, but you just crossed the line

Anorexorcist3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Stupid f*cking idiot kid why don't you take your own damn advice and stop trolling every god damn PS3-related article.

Even when an article is talking about Uncharted 2 being the favorite for GOTY 2009 or Uncharted 2 getting free DLC, you bring your partially aborted self around and start crying and yelping with your redundant "Halo sold more. Halo is better" troll arguments.

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Bungie3249d ago


343 will do it

we have a new ip

Nike3249d ago

But it says "unannounced title" and not "unannounced IP" in that guy's profile. Smells fishy, to say the least.

Oldsnake0073249d ago

Will you guys start developing ps3 games ? :S

Sarcasm3249d ago

Why are you asking that guy? He's the same one who believes Natal will "save" Japan.

Bungie3249d ago

MS have the right to publish any game we make

the only way it's going multiplat if MS passed

and that's not gonna happened

Gamehead363249d ago

lol at natal saving japan...meth is a helluva drug

whothedog3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Natal will save Japan.... from godzilla

Saaking3249d ago

Once Bungie starts to miss all the Halo money and MS backing, they'll come crawling back. I'm sure MS knows that and is why they let them off in the first place.

Bnet3433249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

"Whether or not you believe HipHopGamer on Bungie Studios announcing a PS3 exclusive in 2010"

I don't think he said exclusive, he said PS3 game.

Elven63249d ago

Bungie is still a Microsoft LLC (they own less than 50% of the company) so they are still influenced by Microsoft to a certain extent.

reintype3249d ago

Yep, it's called HALO REACH ODST! XP

3248d ago
otherZinc3248d ago

Even if they did Frank O'Connor & other members of the Bungie Team work for 343 Studios backed by M$. The Halo Franchise isn't going anywhere & I'll be there for every single Halo story releasing as will Millions.

Only severe haters hope Bungie will stop making Halo games from the most Fantastic Universe in Video Games, period! Haters know, this is the only way SONY can compete with M$, is if Halo goes away. Sorry, Halo is here to stay!

3248d ago
HolyOrangeCows3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Halo games sell.

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Jerk1203249d ago

Oh wow, more Halo after Halo : Reach? Are you SERIOUS?

No sh!t, Einstein.

RedDragan3248d ago

Talk about flogging a dead horse....

Microft should try and do something different.

Nac3248d ago

Just like Nintendo right?

peeps3248d ago

if it sells and ppl buy it... why wouldn't they keep on making halo games.

tbh tho unless reach is something special, for me halo is boring as hell now. actually went on again earlier tonight cus a mate who's never usually on his 360, was about since it was a free live weekend.

it's weird cus i loved halo 2 and 3 is v v similar but it just feels boring. i dunno, it's just no longer the satisfying game it used to be.

i know that millions still love it (although i was surprised at how few were online tonight) but i'd really like to see halo revamped.

-Mezzo-3249d ago

Of course the next in the series is called Halo B-REACH.

i_am_interested3249d ago

hhg never said the bungie game would be exclusive did he? i thought he just said it would be their first ps3 game

either way, hhg doesnt have a lot of credibility on this site

whothedog3249d ago

You are right he never said exclusive