Transformers Behind The Scenes Footage For Xbox 360/PS3

I'll be honest with you, Transformers is a movie-to-game tie-in I'm actually looking forward to. I know there's a great potentiality that it might suck, but who cares?! It's Transformers. There's no other games out there like it and there's no other franchise out there like it. Well, aside from all those other animes with giant robots...but you get my drift. Regardless of semantics, in this latest release you can see why there's no other leader out there quite like Optimus Prime.

Peter Cullen, the voice actor behind Optimus, takes viewers through some of the personality traits for bringing someone like Optimus to life. As a character and personality, you have to admit that Prime was one of the main reasons that made Transformers so cool. How many other lead characters could get away with being a semi-truck for their own transportation? Exactly.

For the most part, the video shows off some of the in-game sequences that actually look quite cool. One thing to note in particular, is that the transforming sequences are spot-on, at least making the game look worthy with its visual presentation. The game is due out later this month for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii and PC. I would say the DS, but we all know that version of game isn't real. Anyway, you can check out the behind-the-scenes footage below. Enjoy.

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SuperSaiyan44154d ago

Damn good, with the controller system I am sure the 360 version will feel a lot better playing this kind of game. Also the visuals should be a lot better with full support for HDR+AA and multi texturing.

Oh well my PS3 is being used for a media music and movie system.

eLiNeS4153d ago

you will also get achievements as well.

I am sure it will look good on most of the systems but will feel best on the 360 with "rumble" feedback.

sonarus4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

Wonder how you came to your conclusion of the controller system and visuals but wateva. This game is gonna suck regardless of the controller or "HDR+AA" so you can enjoy it on ur 360 while i'll just manage my warhawk beta until rainbow 6 and gaiden come out

Well in a couple of weeks we'll see but for you to not expect it to suck is jst unnecessary optimism

eLiNeS4153d ago

PS3 is just now getting Rainbow 6? LOL

j/k, it's a great game, you should like it, but saying "This game is gonna suck" about Transformers before it's even out is a little out there. You might want to just move along instead of posting a meaningless thought.

Kaneda4153d ago

Rainbow six will never come out for PS3...

I hope Transformers game will kick ass...becoz I love transformers...but it will going to be like any other movie games...

level 3604153d ago

Could this be one of the reasons why MC/XBox360 is contemplating on putting-on motion control on their pads?