Game Of The Year Nominees

E4G: Here at E4G we have put together all of our votes and brought it down to four games that are fit for the Game Of The Year award.

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Nambassa3343d ago

UNCHARTED 2 FTW!! No matter what happens, it's still my game of the year.

dkblackhawk503343d ago

It is a great game, definitely worth the price tag.

deadreckoning6663343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Yeah I'm buyin Uncharted 2 on Amazon 2morrow, it just dropped ta 40 bucks! I told everyone ta wait, guess they couldn't help themselves =) My GOTY is the Battlefield: Bad Company 2 beta since I've had more fun with that than any other game this year, including Killzone 2. It'll proly change to Uncharted 2 when I play it.

SnuggleBandit3343d ago

sorry to say this but that video wasn't very good. Why did you use "the fort" footage with absolutely no gameplay??

raztad3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

So many good games. I'm not quite sure anymore which one is my fav. I was blown away by KZ2, then came inFAMOUS, VC, Demons Souls is unbelievable, now UC2 (this game got everything and more to be GOTY, I hope it's not robbed), R&C:ACiT is a lot of fun as well.

I've been playing a lot of MAG beta. Game is something else. All I'm gonna say is MAG wasnt in my must buy list before the beta. Now, I got $60 reserved for it. Day one.


Taking advantage of Best Buy 2 +1, my copy of UC2 cost me $43 including taxes, quite a good deal.

callahan093343d ago

All FPS games except Uncharted? That's kind of sad. So many great titles in other genres this year. And Halo ODST doesn't deserve to be there. Come on, so many other games were more deserving than that. How could so many people vote for that in the face of tons of brilliant games this year?

WIIIS13343d ago

Forza 3 is GOTY. Too bad driving simulators aren't appreciated as much as shooters, that's why MW2 will be GOTY.

cLiCK_sLiCK93343d ago

I agree with you on that one. MW2 game of the year.....=[
MW2 fanboys are worser than 360 and PS3 fanboys, seriously.

NewZealander3343d ago

they didnt include assassins creed 2? what the...

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Alvadr3342d ago

ODST WTF. Its an effin expansion! Assassins Creed 2 or Infamous are both way better, suppose they had to have at least one 360 exclusive on there or they would be tears

Tomdc3342d ago

I don't get the big deal about game of the year really.. I mean it's nice from a developer point of view but why do some consumers get so excited about it? I mean its a subjective thing just like reviews, everybody has thier own favourites!

Noctis Aftermath3342d ago

Showed gameplay footage for odst and MW2 but not kz2 or uc2? i guess their visuals would make the others look bad.

umair_s513342d ago

even if they release uncharted 3 tomorrow?

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tonsoffun3342d ago

I dunno if I agree entirely with the article...

Uncharted 2 should defo be on that list....
Modern Warfare 2 defo on that list...

But the other two? Killzone 2 was good, almost great, same with ODST, but neither are on a par with MW2/UC2....

somekindofmike3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

@ z-hayden

I agree, The video was terrible! Not really read a lot from this site yet, but I am put off by the name E4G (wonder where they got that idea from?) and quality of video, it all stinks of lack of professionalism, hopefully there reviews & opinions make up for this.

PS3Freak3342d ago

ODST, should be replaced with either, Batman, inFamous, or Assassin's Creed 2. Uncharted 2 Game of the Year!

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Mista T3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Killzone 2 is an amazing game, it's more of a mix of stay back and shoot with your team mates like in a real battle and a little run n gun, not stick your face into enemy lines like in COD cause if you do that in Killzone 2 you're F***ed

mjolliffe3343d ago

Out of that list I would say Uncharted 2, followed closely by Killzone 2. Though I would personally put Assassins Creed II down for the title.

dkblackhawk503343d ago

It was a great game but we could only pick 4 this year.

The Iron Sheik3343d ago

Halo ODLC? Are you kidding. It's game of the year not overpriced DLC of the year. Assassin's Creed 2 & Infamous are way more deserving and superior games. This website should be ashamed of themselves.

cLiCK_sLiCK93343d ago

So you picked ODST instead?

The_Devil_Hunter3343d ago

Guess since they had a PS3 exclusive they HAD to have a 360 exclusive.

jessupj3343d ago (Edited 3343d ago )

Imho, having ODST on that list is a joke. These people are suppose to be gaming enthusiasts and industry specialists? How can anyone possibly think ODST is better then DSs or AC2 or even Forza3. The only explanation is these people are delusional fanboys. Call me arrogant I honestly think it's true. I know it's not you personally that made this list, but for the people in your office that voted for ODST (and MW2 quite frankly) they have no idea what quality is and after this should definitely not be qualified for making future votes.

The_Savior3342d ago

2009 was miserable for Xbox exclusives. They got practically NOTHING.
ODST, Forza, Halo Wars, and GTA4 expansion packs...

That's it.
...Out of the 4 exclusives that came out...
2 of them were expansion packs.

That kinda says a lot.

waltercross3342d ago

I Don't understand why ODST Is there either, There is nothing
at all that is unique that I've seen.

DS is Unique, HARD but Unique, Great Graphics, Interesting online
play yet It's not there either.
But ODST? ok maybe It's FUN, but does that alone give it
the right to be on the list for GOTY? many games are FUN.
DS to name one.

but Honestly though I think ODST is there because of the name
and not the game.

UC2 Should win, but I think MW2 might win because It's multiplat.
We'll see though, Goodluck to all the games on the list.

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Bumpmapping3343d ago

LOL and you put MW2 for PS3 (Multiplatform game) of course no Demon's Souls BS!

omimasum3343d ago

uncharted 2 deserves it, but mine would be demons soul