Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Preview on NGN

New Game Network writes: "Ultimately, the single level multiplayer beta that EA DICE has delivered to PS3 gamers feels almost entirely like a game on the verge of its retail release, rather than a game still four months down the line. Time and time again over the last week, I have found myself passing up all of the other games on my PC and PS3, only to jump into the Bad Company 2 beta with a few friends"

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CernaML3342d ago

The Beta is absolutely incredible. One of the funnest FPS I've played this year. Can't imagine what the full retail release will provide.

Cwalat3342d ago

One of the most tactical games also!

Those working at DICE are nothing short of geniouses.

Beta to me was better than entire MW2 online, and it's only a f****ng beta.

Noctis Aftermath3342d ago

The beta does not look as good as the pics in this preview, everything else seems spot-on though.

3342d ago
jjohan353342d ago

I wasn't impressed with the beta at all. I never liked rush mode (preferred conquest mode). But what bothers me most about this game is the very lame auto aim that's even worse than mw2's auto aim.

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Shotgun_Roamer3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

DICE. proving again that making a good, fun game makes gamers happy. (Shouldn't this be obvious? It's funny how hard this concept is to devs these days. Not all of course, GG, ND, and DICE (as well as a few others) seem to get it, and kudos to them.)

life doomer3342d ago

glad i'm not the only one who thinks the bbc2 beta is better than mw2.

harshtruth3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

this beta kills MW2... it also kills MAG

crematory3342d ago

1- aiming completely different than bfbc1 its need some work
2- tanks Armour need to be Nerf cause right know engineer on wide open maps are useless firing 3 rockets and wont get blow is retard notice that before it takes 1 c4 now 2
3- building carrying objectives should stand more against tanks and rockets
4- health meter

- last a message for all FPS developer BFBC2 should be your norms in how to make an a funny entertaining game

Hanif-8763342d ago

I think the aiming in BFBC1 was 5hit and DICE made it so much better in BFBC2. Furthermore, the tanks are ok as they stand, because what would be the point of getting in a tank if it only takes a rocket to destroy it, not so realistic is it? It takes two (2) engineer rockets from the back to destroy it and Three (3) elsewhere. The teams over a DICE are aiming for realism with this FPS and its completely balanced as it stands. Oh, and about buildings being harder to destroy.. how unrealistic do you want this game to actually be?

jjohan353342d ago

I was a fan of the series except for lame AUTO AIM. I'm sorry but there's no reason why this beta/game should even have auto aim. This auto aim is even worse than MW2's auto aim.

Bodster3341d ago

I have to say i am really enjoying the Bad Company 2 beta, the map is fantastic, the sniping is fantastic and the UAV is great fun to fly!

My only gripe so far is that there isnt enough maps for me to enjoy ;)