Rainbow Studios have next-gen console titles in the works

CC: It seems that Rainbow Studios (subsidiary of THQ) are working on some titles for next-generation consoles.

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mj2463245d ago

Interesting. Sony and MS must be planning stuff for the PS4 and 720.

trancefreak3245d ago

Sounds moreless like they are looking for a company guy to stick around for awhile. adding next gen just kinda reinforces that the job will be around and will have longevity too it.

sunil3244d ago

Wii HD or Microsoft Xbox Natal ...

dpdvxkpizbnwg3245d ago

I wonder what the graphics will be like next gen. TOo realistic?

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dkblackhawk503245d ago

Can they work on next-gen consoles when they don't even exist XD.

DeadlyFire3244d ago

The three companies can give fairly accurate specs on them by now I am sure to anyone interested in developing. I doubt dev kits will be ready until late 2010 or sometime 2011 though.

Nightfallen3245d ago

They should just focus on this gen first..

Ju3244d ago

Yeah, considering all they have released this gen is a series of half backed MX vs ATV games...(that last one is ugly, really).

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