Left 4 Dead 2 Review (resumeplay)

resumeplay writes: "I've got friends that say they are "over the zombie fad". The truth is, zombies have always been an integral part of this society's horror game and movie industry. I wasn't impressed with Dead Rising, or the crazy amount of zombie games leading up to it. I liked Resident Evil 4 & 5, but those weren't exactly zombies, were they? In 2008, Valve finally unleashed a zombie game I was proud to own, although I did have small problems with repetitiveness and shortness in length. These two things were completely fixed in the sequel. Here is my review for quite possibly the best zombie game ever made."

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CheatsMcGee3247d ago

The achievement for getting past the bridge in less than three minutes is BS. That section is infuriating.

mau643247d ago

I really want to play this game but cannot tear myself away from all the other games from this year.

SRosenberg3247d ago

As you can tell, I loved this game.

mau643247d ago

You call it possibly the best Zombie game ever. That alone definitely makes me have to go play it.

smashly3247d ago

I'm not too into games like this.

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The story is too old to be commented.