How To Survive Playing New Super Mario Bros Wii With Your Significant Other

Bright Hub Writes: "Penny Arcade described the multiplayer portion of New Super Mario Bros Wii as "divorce mode." After playing it, I'd say I have to agree with that assessment. Playing a game of this nature, especially when the players are of disparate skill levels, is relationship suicide.

Veteran gamers, accustomed to simply plowing ahead as fast as possible, will have difficulty adjusting to the pace of a novice playing alongside them, even when that novice is the gamer in question's significant other.

Fortunately, the game has some built-in features that you can take advantage of in order to alleviate this discrepancy. Our guide to multiplayer gaming will help you get the most out of these features, hopefully allowing you to maintain your relationships even after playing the game."

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placebo433247d ago

Gotta love sticking your girlfriend in a bubble. I wonder if it's soundproof?

PS3istheshit23246d ago


dammit im lonely :(

ThanatosDMC3246d ago


You wiggle the stick while next to them then throw them at the enemy, lava, chasm, etc. With stupid funny friends, it becomes a deathmatch and race to the finish.

3247d ago
dgroundwater3247d ago

This reminds me of when Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles released. A preview talked about how playing co-op will lose you some friends!

execution173247d ago

my gf will probably get more mad then me about the dying

3246d ago
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