Britxbox: Mass Effect 2 Hands-On Preview

Arnold Cook writes: "BioWare have been drip feeding us character reveals and titbits of information on Mass Effect 2 for months now, and so it was with some excitement that I sat down for hands-on time with probably the most anticipated RPG of 2010 that isn't Final Fantasy XIII.

The demo begins with Commander Shepard and his team aboard a shuttle on the Asari colony Illium. After a brief discussion with your unnamed Asari pilot you learn that Shepard is seeking an assassin who he plans to find by being present at his next hit, an Asari diplomat. During this conversation you're treated to various shots of the planet's surface, a gargantuan city spanning as far as the eye can see. As you fly between the city's many colossal skyscrapers it looks very much like Coruscant, but with a sleek and sexy Asari feel.

The first thing the opening cut scene makes you immediately aware of is just how good the game looks, it gives any current or upcoming game a run for its money and is quite a step up from the original. The scale and detail on offer during the demo is very impressive, with crisp textures and excellent lighting. Gone are the odd stop/start loading moments and choppy frame rate of the first game, replaced with a reworked engine lacking any Unreal Engine texture pop-in and said to be locked at 30fps."

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3250d ago
dgroundwater3249d ago

You can even hop over small walls and boxes. Who would have thought we'd see such wonders."

Uhh /sarcasm? Great preview.

Britxbox3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Preview writer here: That's definite sarcasm on my part. Not just in regard to that one sentence, but the whole paragraph really.

It just makes me laugh how so many games these days have a cover system and yet fail to implement it very well, especially considering how good Gears of War did it three years ago (hence the 'magical gear of war' comment).

GoW's cover system is certainly not perfect, but it's a solid foundation, and yet so many games still mess it up (the original Mass Effect included).

I'm just glad to see BioWare trying so hard to nail every aspect of the game this time.

Redgehammer3249d ago

as if I was not excited enough for ME2. Nice job on the preview. You are certainly right about the graphical upgrade from ME1. Those screens look, as jj walker would have said, "DY-NO-MYTE".