The RPG of 2010: Mass Effect 2 or Final Fantasy 13?

VGarabia:The first quarter of 2010 will bring to us some of the most anticipated games this generation. Two of those are favorites among RPG lovers, Mass Effect 2 and Final Fantasy 13. While I have enjoyed some JRPGs this generation (Lost Odyssey, Tales of Vasperia, and Varlkryie Chronicles just to name a few), WRPGs are becoming the dominant choice for RPG gamers around the world, unlike last generations.

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sakura20093249d ago

is this supposed to be a joke
final fantasy xiii is a true rpg and totally destroyes mass effect 2

zack613249d ago

Are you crazy mass effect 2 will rip ffxiii apart.

sakura20093249d ago

ur the crazy one, final fantasy xiii is like a tsunami, it will destroyed every game in japan and it will reach the usa and sink mass effect 2 to the bottom of atlantic ocean

zack613249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

You must be smoking. Whatever I'm getting both I still think mass effect 2 will rape FFXIII.

sakura20093249d ago

good 4 u, im getting the better game which is final fantasy xiii

ape0073249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )


well,im nota big rpg fan but my vote go to mass effect 2

cause I like action and the action in the last mass effect trailer looked mindblowing and mix it with awesome story and rpg elements,you have an infinite amount of awesomeness

and I hate JRPG,they are so irritating but I respect them and their fanbase

Bodyboarder_VGamer3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

FFXIII is a true rpg ala japanese style. Mass Effect is a true rpg ala western style.

One is linear(J) and the other is more like a sandbox game were you can even chose your own companions and avatar(W). One is turn-based, the other is more action oriented with guns and such. Very different styles but both are still true rpg's.

These new gen of gamers is sad. Half the time they don't even know what are they talking about. And even their opinions are just a bunch of wrong facts.

BTW For me FFXIII because I like the anime influence and linear nature in Jrpg games because that often leads to better stories and understanding of convoluted plots. Plus swords > guns, any day. For an anime fan jrpg's are just better.

Santa Hirai3249d ago

Mass effect is more of a space shooter than rpg i think FF13 will be the better game (well certainly the ps3 version) i will have plenty of FF13 copies in my sack this christmas for all those lovley japanese ps3 fans.

immortal843249d ago

It's not necessarily that a JRPG to be turn based. Demon Soul is a RPG from Japanese devs but it's not turned base. WRPGs does have some things not found in JRPGs and vis versa.

presto7173249d ago

I dont take mass effect seriously anymore. The first one was just too boring IMO

MGSR THE HD VERSION3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

mass effect2.

ff13 is really nothing new, it still uses a turn base system, and it's very much a jpop soap oprah like ff10.

i know though it will receive high marks and praises all around the the world and I'll be picking it up, but it goes to mass effect2 which holds the best innovation of this generation of rpgs.

3249d ago
DaTruth3249d ago

One is the most famous RPG of all time and has over 20 years of success under its belt! The other is practically a new IP with some limited success and is not even a critically acclaimed title and is more famous for its glitches than its gameplay!

Some of you are such huge fanboys! Please state that ME2 being better is your opinion, because FF13 is so vastly beyond ME2 that it is fact worthy in that respect!

I would probably pick ME2 to buy over FF13 because I have less preference for turn based RPGs, but that is just my preference, I am not deluded! But I will end up buying FF13 because I have no choice in the matter; Only one will grace my console!

iamtehpwn3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I don't know how you even compare the two.

I'll be getting Final Fantasy XIII.
40-60 hours of assured Gameplay, Legendary gameplay, music, insanely fun combat system (I've played the demo), beautiful CGI, a well written, preset story.

Perjoss3249d ago

100% pointless discussion, noone has played both games to make this kind of comparision. And even when both games are finished, released and completed by millions, all you will have flying around is opinions, nothing more. It's all down to personal preference.

There, now you can all go back to playing some video games :)

Hisiru3249d ago

I was a huge Final Fantasy fanboy but now.... I don't know... the series lost a lot of that magic we found in FFV,FFVI and FFVII. I will go with Mass Effect 2 this time.

The 13249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

RPG is role playing, usually some story based adventure takes place and there is usually character growth both Physically and spiritually or as a person.

ME2 is more of an adult game to me and much more appealing to me, I can play both one one console or two.

Cold 20003249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I have a 360 so I'll get to play both on a sofa in front of a 55 inch TV so I dont care which one turns out better than the other as long as they're both excellent games.

Schobeleth3249d ago

My vote is on White Knight Chronicles. FF XIII just doesn't really appeal to me, Versus XIII looks amazing but we won't see that for another year or two. I'm a huge fan of Level 5 and know the quality of their work, White Knight Chronicles not only has an awesome single player but a robust/fun online co-op mode.

gaffyh3249d ago

I've gotta say, imo, this goes to FF13. Mass Effect 1 was a great game, but it was hardly an RPG. The only reason the game got such reception (and still does by many people) is because it was more of a shooter, and these same people are those that complain about the VATS and RPG features in Fallout 3, which was actually the better WRPG (although not graphically).

Mass Effect 2 will be a great game, I enjoyed the first one and can't wait for the second game, but this is the way things will go.

In terms of RPGness - FF13 > ME2
In terms of Sales - FF13 > ME2
In terms of game quality - ME2 > FF13 (although this is based on your own opinion).

I can't wait for either game tbh, I just hope that ME2 has some more RPG aspects to it like Fallout and Deus Ex.

raztad3249d ago

[email protected] discussion

Finally xfans have an exclusive game to defend against a Blockbuster multiplat game.

This feels like UC2 against MW2 all over again, but now it's funny to see xfans arguing.

Sales-wise FFXIII will blow ME2 out the water easily. ME1 sold decent, but it wasnt a Halo - Gears like figure. Quality wise, well I guess we need to play the games but clearly they got different gameplay. ME is aiming for a pure and intriguing sci-fi story, FF is epic magic-sci-fi. The only element in common is micro management and grinding to level up, upgrade armor.

The 13249d ago

Because FF13 is multi platform in the console market? I can see the comparison and flame articles and comments comparing them in any other circumstance.

You say no one has played them. Who hasn't played drama filled turn-based JRPGs? All the previews suggest that ME2 is a much improved ME1, so this is how people form their opinions.

Ausbo3249d ago

that is an easy choice for me

Saaking3249d ago

They're COMPLETELY DIFFERENT types of games. Yes, they're both RPGs, but ones a WRPG/shooter and the other is a JRPG. Both will be, without a doubt, great. Now, if you're talking about sales, then FFXIII will definitely sell more (FF sells in Japan what ME sold worldwide).

mastiffchild3249d ago

IDK why we're compaying the two of them. Yes, lots of us, like myself, will get both but FF13 will have a lot more depth to it's miner story than the forced vagueness f the dialogue tree and open ended ME gameplay. One's a real turn based jrpg and the other a shooter/wrpg-plus one's fantasy and the other pure sci fi!

The ONLY similarities are that some people will get both and you can loosely describe either an an "rpg" but beyond that thy both plough very different furrows,play very differently and look invredibly differnt to each other.

I can't see a decent reason to compare the two let alone try and find a pre release winner of some arbitrary kind when you cannot measure them on the same kinds of strengths and weaknesses. It's like asking what's best out of Halo and MGS because there's guns in both and loosely that makes them "shooters"-it's lazy, controversy hogging and totally wihtout point or merit to compare games like these!

Can't we just get on with each other and enjoy this pair of, what should be, classic, but different rpgs? That's what I'll be doing anyway(ME2 possibly on 360 if I ever finish my characters gamer profile from the first game(going through for the save now after playing i on PC first where, though it's best and everything, I still enoy sitting on the sofa to game and having my character carried over is a strong incentive.))when they both land, though given all the games coming out from now til FF13 it might be a bit til I play them both.

Whatever, it's a stupid pair of games to compare on just about every level from sales to gameplay to story type. Nothing to see here!

evrfighter3249d ago

Bioware converted many jrpg fans into wrpg fans

Me included.

How I hope ME2 gets a pc fantasy I hyped to no end but its lookin kinda meh to me right now. I need to see more gameplay before I make my decision.

Bungie3249d ago

Mass Effect 2 eats FF13 for breakfast

TapiocaMilkTea3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

Length - FF13 > ME2
Depth - FF13 > ME2
Story - FF13 > ME2
Character Development - FF13 > ME2
Game Quality - FF13 > ME2 (you rarely see any bugs or glitches or half assed job in Final Fantasy)
Definition of RPG - FF13 > ME2 (ok, I guess the modern definition of rpg is somewhat influenced and made popular by the final fantasy series, but that's exactly my point)
Sales - FF13 > ME2
Fanbase - FF13 > ME2
Reputation - FF13 > ME2
Number of people waiting in line on release day - FF13 > ME2
Need I say more???

Edit: ok, maybe I was getting ahead of myself in the first few claims since both games aren't even out yet. But it's very easy to predict that the impact of FF will be much greater than ME, and we should all give it to FF for the time being until we can see for ourselves, and then you can realize I was right :)

The 13249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I disagree with most if not all of your claims, except sales & following/fanbase.

ME2's dynamic interactive story pretty much single handedly wins this battle for ME2, never mind the real time gameplay, unbelievable ingame graphics, cross over stats from ME1, character customization.

MGSR THE HD VERSION3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

to those who think mass effect is just a shooter, it isn't just shooting.

in mass effect1 you can beat the whole game without relying upon a physical weapon.

and in mass effect2 they still got that, and it's improved a whole lot better.

RadientFlux3249d ago

I'm completely bias on the subject of RPGS. So for me it's a definitely Mass Effect 2 over Final Fantasy 13.

Final Fantasy 13 may have Mass Effect 2 beat when it comes to game length but when it comes to storyline, dialog and character creation Mass Effect 2 comes out on top.

Saaking3249d ago

As long as you have a PS3 and PC, you can get the Superior version of BOTH.

Rock Bottom3249d ago

JRPG for me, didn't really liked the first ME.

The 13249d ago

Lets wait until the games come out to see witch versions are superior. Claims about PS3 versions of games being superior have been made again and again, only for the truth to come out saying otherwise, when the comparison sites match them up. Same goes for the PC version, because not all PC versions are superior to the console versions.(Also, all versions are being made at the same time so the differences won't be as vast)

Godmars2903249d ago

ME2's dev budget could probably cover FFXIII Krafts meals w/change, but the money spent on FFXIII could pay for 13 ME games.

Hisiru3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

ME1 is just a shooter? Sorry but who says such thing never played ME1!

Just take a look at this video:

The adept class is very improved now but it was fun to play even on ME1.

Superior versions? I won't see the difference because I won't waste my precious time watching those comparision videos. I know that the difference is minimal when you are actually playing the game and not watching a useless comparision video.

Budg3tG4m3r3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I choose Mass Effect 2 but Final Fantasy will rape it in sales. I don't like the whole anime big eyed boys that look like girls. My mother who is 60 loves Final Fantasy and and can't see why I love action WRPGs. When she comes over and whatches me play Mass Effect, Borderlands, Oblivion, Rise of the Argonauts, Too Human or Fallout 3 she gets confused. She will say how can you know what you're doing so fast? Then I pop in a shooter FPS/TPS she'll look at and just shake her head. I think I will get Final Fanasy so when she comes over she will have somthing to do.

@Saaking you are one o the top 5 saddest fanboys on this site.

shawnsl653249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

I've bought every single FF game in the series (except for 11 and 11 1/2). I'll continue to do so til I'm dead.

FF fans will buy FF.

ME fans will buy ME.

I for one have been craving for some old fashion style RPG's. There're just way too many shooters on the market right now.

2 of the largest series in the entire gaming industry are GranTurismo series and Final Fantasy series. For ME to go up against FF, it's pretty much fanbase vs fanbase, who can shout louder.

lightningsax3249d ago

I'm satisfied in just knowing these will both come out relatively soon! I'll be enjoying FFXIII on PS3 and ME2 on PC. Good times. Wish you were here, banter-folk.

Nihilism3249d ago

The FF francise is one of the best in existance. But they pump out the same formula year after year. Square Enix's time has come and gone. Bioware are the RPG king's, and mass effect was something new, mass effect 2 looks improved in every way over the first. FF13 just like's like the same old.

Black Maverick3249d ago

I'm looking forward to Golden Sun DS more than any other RPG next year. :)

Rampant3249d ago

I think I will be enjoying FFXIII more, if it is like Final Fantasy X (My favourite after VII). I'll be getting both though.

gaffyh3248d ago

People who are posting videos of the adept class or whatever as an argument against those saying it is just a shooter are proving their point. Just because there is some magic involved, it is still a shooter, the whole gameplay and interface are the same! That's like saying Dark Sector isn't a shooter because of the glave.

It's obvious that most of the people in this thread are not true RPG fans, because FF13 is a truer RPG than Mass Effect. And I've said before, Mass Effect is a great game, one of the best on 360, but it is MOSTLY a shooter with minor RPG elements.

Hisiru3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

If you remove the swords and put some guns on an action RPG it will be a Shooter?

Did you played ME1? This game has a lvl system, stat points, skill points and everything a good RPG really needs.

ME1 is exactly like an Action RPG, just because it's not turn based doesn't means that it's not an RPG.

Did you ever played an action RPG in your life?

I am a RPG fan and I played the hell out of the Final Fantasy series but it's not what it used to be.

Tell me what Mass Effect needs to be an RPG, what is missing? The interface and the gameplay are perfect for an action RPG

"because FF13 is a truer RPG than Mass Effect."
This is bullshit. ME is an action RPG and FF13 is a turn based RPG, just because you like turn based RPGs doesn't mean that your favorite type of RPG is "more RPG" than other types of RPG. You are acting as a fanboy without a true argument

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

some of you guys are funny .. i can finish ff7 WITHOUT using magic or invocations. ( only attack , items) and équips


NO ..

Mass effect is a good game But is a FPS with rpg elements
it's still a great game but there is not denying what is on it ...

I could have picked any other rpg to prove my point...

i think Mass effect is kinda like system shock 2 .. another fps with rpgs elements in a modern sci-fi setting the only difference being the main camera .

Hisiru3248d ago

"Mass effect is a good game But is a FPS with rpg elements"

FPS? See? You never played the game. You are basing your opinion in videos and not a real experience with the game. Once you play the game you will change your mind and see that it's an Action RPG.

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

hum what ? I'm sorry but What is the difference between mass effect and system shock 2 ( played both games )

NONE ...

A fps stay a fps .. oh sorry my bad it's not a first person shooter's a TPS

a third person shooter ...

i realise i made this mistake ...
Don't dare you tell me i never played ME ... sure the devs pulled some other ideas into the mix but the core is the same ...

and like i said .. sure you're not Forced to use guns .. but you weren't in system shock 2 either ..

just like i'm not forced to use magic in ff7 .

You're so keen to protect ME that you're missing my point .

PS: turn based or not is not the point .. i play all kind of rpgs ... i prefer action rpgs like tales of or star ocean or seiken densetsu 2,3 .i've played diablo 1,2 and i CAN enjoy other kind like baldur's gate , dragon quest or fallout 2 . i enjoy all kind of rpgs ..

SO , i'm not saying that ME is a bad game ... not at all .. But please see ME for what it is ...

" i can play ME without shooting so it's not a fps "
" well i can play FF7 without using magic but it's still a rpg "

With these 2 sentences .. i render the people using this logic in the first sentence invalid . unless you want to answer ON THAT POINT you've lost .. you can't argue .

Hisiru3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Tell me what is missing. Tell me why ME isn't an action RPG. What an action RPG has that ME doesn't have?

As I said before, the gameplay and the interface fits like an action RPG.

I think you are saying it's not an action RPG just because of the camera or because it's full of action (which doesn't makes any sense because it would be like saying that Phantasy Star Online/Universe is an action game and not an action RPG).

Answer my question. If you really believe that ME isn't an action RPG tell me what an action RPG has that ME doesn't have. If you can't answer this question, ME is a complete action RPG for you, nothing is missing but you can't admit and you don't have an argument.

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

Sadly you're missing my point entirely ..

i encourage you to read ONE MORE TIME my last posts .
if you're still in the dark i 'll recommand you to play system shock 2.

I don't have anymore time to TEACH you that there is some action into every FPS or TPS and the différence between a tps with rpgs elements and a action rpg.

oh no i'm not that kind .

"If you really believe that ME isn't an action RPG "
it's hard to be a fps (or tps) and not having action ..its impossible .

ME is not just action it's fps .you're avoiding your eyes from that truth .
action -rpg is too generic for ME .. it's a fps-rpg.

Is it THAT HARD to understand ?

Next time you'll go saying that halo is just a action game when you can narrow it down to fps ?
Are you d**b ?

You're basicly saying that Madden is not a football game but just a sports game ?

that's pretty stupid dude

Hisiru3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

I saw your "argument" but it's completely subjective and pointless.

You can't answer my question, sorry but you don't have an argument, you just can't admit a simple fact. I won't waste my time anymore.

And let's call every RPG with some focus on shooting as a shooter with RPG elements, it's very smart!

""it's subjective" .. it's a matter of opinion .. "
Ohhh, what you are saying isn't the truth? it's just your opinion? Then I will respect, I am sorry.

Now I understand why ME is a RPG for a lot of respected sites but not for you. Just your opinion.

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

NOt at all you just can't talk ...

"it's subjective" .. it's a matter of opinion ..

yet you're forcing your narrowed point on others ..

Go play some other games to expand your view on games ...

"some focus on shooting"
LOOOOOOL too bad some games like ME were made before (SS2) ...
That focus transform action into FPS ..

End of eternity has guns ..lot of them YET is not a FPS ... the focus is elsewhere ..

Redempteur3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

well you read like a dork .

by subjective i was refering to your sentence:
"I saw your "argument" but it's completely subjective and pointless. "

But obviously you needed a way to go and to not lose your face ...
( i even put quotes in order for you to understand )

Well done then.

Just another proof that you don't understand anything ....

No matter ... go play system shock 2

jonnydize3248d ago

Kingdom hearts 3 will rape them both.

shawnsl653248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

ME is not a true RPG. It's a shooter, end of story. You want camera angle changing to justify it? Look at valkyria chronicles, THAT is an strategy rpg. Final fantasy is PURE rpg.

it's like saying compare God of War to Infamous. Different genre, slight similarity in gameplay.

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hikayu173249d ago

Regardless wat the outcome would be , no one can deny that it's a dam good time to be gamer... And very bad time to be unemployed and game xd . I still don't know how to pay off my credit cards from this holiday shopping , let alone next year madness .

peanutt13249d ago

Why do we have to pick, I will be getting both, why does it have to be one or the other.
I think Final Fantasy will be better, but they will both be awesome

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3249d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII or White Knight Chronicles will win the RPG awards

villiers3249d ago

Hahaha regardless of what a few bots say on N4G...PS3 sales of FFXIII will DESTROY ME2's numbers worldwide.

FFXIII PS3/360 combined will destroy ME2 360/PC combined...oh wait PS3 numbers alone will do the trick.

DonCorneo3249d ago (Edited 3249d ago )

mass defect 2 = riding more elavators and more boring dialogues

demon's souls will win rpg of the year every damn year

@MajorLs: not sure whether ME2 will be a dull POS, but mass defect 1 definitely was.

MajorLs3249d ago

Yup the majority of RPG gamers worldwide will choose FFXIII over ME2, the sales numbers will show that.

I mean it's not a surprise since ME2 is a dull piece of ****.

Alan Wake3248d ago (Edited 3248d ago )

White Knight all ready flooop in japan


Blue Dragon have more score hehehehhe check

and FF13 >> FFVersus XIII
ME2 >> All

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