New Super Mario Bros Wii Most Wished for Game this Christmas

Amazon's most wished for video game lists in both the US and UK have been topped by the Wii's New Super Mario Bros – ahead of Modern Warfare 2.

The US list reads:

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A HiFi3244d ago

Surprising. I would have thought that it would be MW2.

Ziriux3244d ago

Nope, clearly the Wii has sold the most consoles out of all the big three. And a lot of kids and parents know Mario and know that it is safe for their kids, so there for it makes sense if it's a top wished game for the Holiday and this time it's a mario game that even make the parents excited.

A HiFi3244d ago

I reckon if they added up PS3 and Xbox 360 sales for MW2, it would be top.

Ziriux3244d ago

Yea but still, Mario has more influence on anyone than any other game. Lets face it casual don't care much for MW 2 as they do for any other Nintendo published game.

Staircase3244d ago

And you gotta think... How many people fit into the demographics MW2 targets are there that also make a Christmas wish list?

Mario appeals to kids, who are the ones making wish lists.

Timesplitter143244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

"Mario appeals to kids"

I hope you weren't saying "Mario is for kids" because that would be a very dumb statement.

Also, MW2 appeals to kids too, just not to parents. I worked at a summer camp this summer. The kids were between 7 and 11 years old and were ALL talking about COD4.

What has our world become?

Staircase3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Sorry, I didn't mean it as Mario was on;y for kids. I have The New Super Mario Bros for both DS and Wii, and i'm 20 years old. I'm talking about the difference in target audience between each game.

Nintendo doesn't target 18-30 year old people with this game. Just the same as COD doesn't target 10-15 year old people.

It doesn't mean that 14 year olds don't play COD and 18 year olds don't play Mario, it's just the target demogaphics.

3244d ago
asdr3wsfas3244d ago

"Nintendo doesn't target 18-30 year old people with this game. Just the same as COD doesn't target 10-15 year old people."

The Miyamoto interview on the nintendo channel directly states that the DS and wii got old gamers who had stopped playing back into video games and the new mario targeted them. So in fact they are targeting 18-40 year olds with the game (I'm 25, grew up on Mario, Mario 3, and super mario world).

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DuneBuggy3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

We just bought Super Mario Wii for our two nephews this morning.Its one of the first Wii games i'd personaly like to play (loved the original).
Its broad age appeal doesnt surprise me that its making a strong showing.
Its sad that only the Nintendo titles on both lists have games that are actually kid friendly.I dont think 10 year olds should be playing AC2,L4D2,MW2...etc

Ziriux3244d ago

I can see why this game would be big for people to want. It reminds me of the Super Mario Bros games on the NES and SNES, but with a 3D like look to it that we've been waiting for a while.

Hyrius3244d ago

An article about Amazon bestsellers ?

Really ?

Ziriux3244d ago

What the he*ll is your problem dude. Every site out there will write an article about a sales chart, it's part of news ya dumbo.

Timesplitter143244d ago

I'm SO glad MW2 isn't #1

And SMBW seems like a great game. If only the Wii had more of those

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