History's "Dogfights" flies online

The upcoming new season of "Dogfights," the History Channel's highest-rated original show, will be bolstered by online flight-combat episodic games.

Beginning with the "Zero Killer" installment on July 13, viewers will be able to tune into the History Channel to see how the Allied Forces took Japanese kamikazes out of the sky.

They'll be directed during the show through callouts and bugs to go to ( or ( and download the free online "Dogfights" gameisodes.

"There will be a variety of planes to fly, starting with WWII planes like Zeros and Hellcats," Kuma Reality Games CEO Keith Halper said. "We receive the script for each show from the History Channel, and we evaluate it to make an accurate but fun gaming experience that's true to the show."

So for all you History Buffs, hit the link to read more.

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