Top 5 Most Untapped Ideas for a Videogame

"There are just so many things that could possibly inspire a game, and almost none of them have to be mutually exclusive. Personally, I've always loved the idea of an underwater city, but never did I think to take that idea, twist it with an early 20th century utopian, gene manipulating society, and pop out Bioshock. However, there are a few things that I have thought of along the way that are just too good for game developers to pass up on. These are the top five most untapped ideas for a videogame." -Dan Crabtree,

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cain1413247d ago

The 5th idea isn't actually bad...

Perjoss3247d ago

lol @ half life 3, there is not even a release date for the third part of half life 2, someone need to do a little research.

I had a similar idea to the jurassic human hunting one where you'd play as giant boss characters (dragons and giant ogres etc) fighting against stereotypical parties of adventurers, you know, like paladins, mages and rogues.

In essence it would be a WoW raid in reverse, I just think it would be awesome to 'wipe' a large group of heroes and use really powerful abilities against them. My idea is for a sigle player thing vs AI but no reason it could not be multiplayer also.

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reintype3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

-The Rangers got bunny hops and plays in First Person, while the Marines is in Third Person, pop and shoot style. Yep it's the ultimate crossover, and a must for all shooter fans. Find out which style is the best, FPS or TPS? You decide.

It's an RTS game. This one is a cross-platform multiplayer, so it's a battle wage between XBOX LIVE and PSN. The DROID is exclusive to the PS3 and played using the PLAYSTATION MOTION CONTROLLERS, while the BOT is exclusive to the 360 and played using NATAL. So gather your fellow Fanboys and prove which console reigns supreme!

Perjoss3247d ago (Edited 3247d ago )

how about a pacman clone where you control a ps3 fan, you run around a maze and instead of 4 ghosts you have 4 360 fans hunting you down and your only chance of survival is a power pill in each corner of the map, eating the pill causes the 'ghosts' to run away screaming (the pills got the word 'exclusive' on them).

Godmars2903247d ago

the problem with #2 is that the DRIODS can play now while the BOTS have to wait a year.

FishCake9T43247d ago

Ive got an idea.
You have a gun and it gives you the perspective of the person carrying the weapon, so you can see what he can see. Oh wait.....

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