Duke Nukem Forever: Brand new screenshot emerged

PC Games published a brand new screenshot of DNF.

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belal3245d ago

isnt this game scrapped?

i so want to try this game, but i dont think this game will evver release lol.

RedDragan3245d ago

i thought it was scrapped...

but I won't be buying the game, the american flag will make it seem like America is saving the world. Not really interested in that, I am not american so I won't be able to immerse myself in the story.

rroded3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

the games been scrapped never to see the light of day after what ten years of development lol

as for the us flag thing im not american either but i still play american games and watch american tv and movies not any bigger of a deal than playing games from other countries. If i though boyctting them would make a diferrence in their politics i would but the only thing that can really do that is the american ppl. A lot of them are already trying to do just that all we can do is pray for them and do the best we can with our own countries.

toaster3244d ago (Edited 3244d ago )

Either 3DRealms got scrapped or they're developing it in a secret underground lab protected by aliens from the future. And then they wait for it to be done and come out from their hole and say "Hey, SURPRIIIIIISE!!!!!!!!!!" and it's like Crysis x 300000000000.

But highly unlikely.

Elven63244d ago

3D Realms is still around, they only have like 2 people working their though and most likely make their money on their back catolog, DNF is on hold I think.

dirthurts3244d ago

apparently has something against America...
I don't mind playing games where I'm a foreigner saving the world.

3244d ago
Elven63244d ago

RedDragon: Duke Nukem is the American hero, that's his whole thing, its been like that since day 1.

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Setekh3244d ago

This game has gone beyond vapourware, it's basically vacuumware. After all these years I'm not sure that anyone is even watching for this title anymore.

The Duke did rule though :(

NYC_Gamer3244d ago

This game will never come out....and besides who cares?

AnttiApina3244d ago

I actually care. I mean, who does not want to Duke to kick ass one more time?

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The story is too old to be commented.