Wii-mote Gets Beefy With "Traditional" Accessory

Rejoice if you've been playing Virtual Console games or Super Paper Mario, all the while wishing the Wii remote was bigger than a Snickers bar, just so you didn't have to work so hard to hold onto it. Why? Because ELECOM is releasing this helpful little gadget for your gaming pleasure:

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Expy4741d ago

Playstation Controller anyone?

WoundedMoon4741d ago

...and why not, it's a good design.

PS360WII4741d ago

A waste of plastic and money!!! Wonders never end...

Pheneus4741d ago

you can't plat paper mario with that cause it covers the ir sensor...
it is useless for anything but nes/sega/turbogrfx vc titles. Better off just buying the vc controller.

AcidRhain4741d ago

How many children died and Malaysia to make this garbage?

M_Prime4740d ago

1 too many.. and sadly they will prolly make a profit even if they sell 1

darkdoom30004740d ago

interesting...mabye should be packed with a wii, cause i dout anyone will actually get off their butts and buy one..

plus it covers up the lame...

but the gun attachment will be good(hopefully)