Has The Xbox 360 In Japan Finally Been Accepted?

AnalogHype: With Left 4 Dead 2 breaking top 10 sales in Japan, is the console finally succeeding?

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Snake Raiser3341d ago

Being #6 in the top ten list does not mean that it's popular. Besides that this is actually doing the 360 a disservice. 360 games have been in the top 10 before.

Nathan Drake23342d ago

this must be a game in top 10 and that means that x360 is accepted in japan?

ogwilson3342d ago

I guess that's why it was a question, not a statement.

Darkeyes3342d ago

Well, it's a really stupid question to say the least. The 360 is being outsold by nearly 100K every month and the sales are virtually non-existent. For 360 to be 'Accepted' in Japan, either the PS3 and Wii have to stop selling or else M$ should bag in a FF title exclusive (either of the 2 happening has a probability approaching ZERO).

As for L4D2, frankly I am surprised. Rarely have I seen a 360 game beside a RPG feature in the top 10 list. Probably bought by the American living there cause Japan does give a F about FPSes

sinncross3342d ago

1) It was one of three new games.
2) It sold 28,000 in its first week.

Where exactly does that info point towards the 360 being accepted as a viable videogames console in Japan?

4Sh0w3342d ago

If by accepted he means selling on par with wii or ps3 in Japan, then the answer is NO.

If by accepted he means continuing to grow and having a few good weeks every once in awhile in a territory that is very loyal to homegrown gaming, then the answer is YES.

Oh wait a minute, 360 was pronounced DEAD along time ago so how is this news possible, microsoft must have paid them off.

ABizzel13342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

No it's just that half of those 1 million 360 owners, are probably non Japanese natives (Former Americans that moved to Japan, etc...) so they picked the game up. Not to mention that the games it did beat have been on the list for 2 or more weeks (with the exception of Mario and Sonic which sucks on Wii and even more on DS).

Don't make it into anything bigger than that, because it's not. The 360 is still in the same place it's always been in Japan.

evrfighter3342d ago

you guys really failed to see that an american game breaking top 10 in Japan is an accomplishment in itself no matter what console it's on.

It really shouldn't be titled "Has the 360 in Japan Finally Been Accepted"


"Left 4 Dead Is proof that the times are changing in Japan."

This goes hand in hand with what those Japanese developers have been saying in that Japanese game development is at a standstill and have been overtaken by Western developers.

Hisiru3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

Are you insane? You can't put an article to make people discuss like human beings here! Did you forgot that we have trolls and fanboys here?

badz1493342d ago

there's been over a million 360 sold to date in Japan, so for once in a while if there's one game entered the top 10, it's not even worth a news article!

morganfell3342d ago

Ridiculous. This isn't the first game on the 360 to be in the top 10 and did any of those past titles save it? No.

And Hisiru, for an article to be discussed like human beings it requires the piece contain, at the very least, a modicum of common sense. This one is utter balderdash and deserves ever ounce the derision with which it has been greeted.

IdleLeeSiuLung3342d ago

I mean, many western games are starting to sell at a decent clip like CoD, GeoW, Halo and now L4D.

Eddie201013342d ago

Answer to stupid question: NO

sikbeta3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

About LFD2, JAPAN love Zombie related games and everything that have some Survival Horror Elements, don't forget that one of the most RECOGNIZED franchises is Resident Evil

About M$ in Japan:

Well, we can say that in some way M$ played a good card with those "BETAs JRPGs" in Japan, imagine what could happen if they didn't put anything that Japan can appreciate

And then Fanboys say JAPAN doesn't mean anything, GOD! they can't be more blind

JD_Shadow3341d ago

Do we mean total sales or only across the 360 (remember that L4D2 is on the PC, too)? I don't really want to give this site the hit it doesn't deserve, so can someone tell me this?

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gaffyh3341d ago

It seems that morganfell is the only person actually talking sense in this thread. This article is stupid and irrelevant simple because there have been other Xbox 360 exclusives that have broken into the top 10 in Japan.

Forza 3 is a recent example which sold I think ~70k in its first week, and I'm pretty sure Halo 3 and Gears did decent numbers during the first week. This doesn't really mean much for Xbox 360 being accepted.

DeejayTai3341d ago

360 games are in the bargain bin in JP.

Sarcasm3341d ago

What kind of stupid question is this?

starvinbull3341d ago

28000 = success for the 360 in Japan?

Contrast and compare once FF13 is out.

njr3341d ago

LOL Bungie. That made my day.

s8anicslayer3341d ago

Regardless if a question or a statement, The 360 is an american piece of hardware and if were to be sold at half the price it is now being sold in japan it still would not sell

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reintype3342d ago (Edited 3342d ago )

I bet most of those were bought by soldiers stationed at the the US base there.

DuneBuggy3342d ago

Those guys are likely buying it from the Military PX/Exchange. I doubt those sales are being calculated into this.

ps921173341d ago

You mean marines? There are very few soldiers in japan.

koehler833342d ago

Well considering it's selling 3k a week on average across the entire country, I'd say no. It's fighting with the PS2 over there.

Godmars2903342d ago

Fighting between the PS2 and PSPgo you mean.

Sandwiched between them actually.

ShinnokDrako3342d ago

It's not the first time a game is on the top10, for example Tales of Vesperia and the other ones, they didn't sell bad.