Games that make you feel like a 'BAMF'

Escaping from reality and going to town on the weak has never been as fun as it is with these games. Unless it's reality of course.

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Delta3249d ago

Me just playing the PS3 make me feel like a "BAMF"

Playing a 360 feels like playing a piece of SH!T

Sunny_D3249d ago

Oh sH!T, THAT MADE ME LAUGH. Only depressed kids would play 360.

kaveti66163249d ago

I can't believe I was banned to this place. You call one guy a mofo and the world goes ballistic.

FishCake9T43248d ago

Wow. Another PS3 fanboy on N4G. How many is that in toal. I think around 95% of N4G members are PS3 fanboys. Ah well.

villevalorox3249d ago

no mgs? wtf?? Cod! WTF!!!!! Playing Cod make me feel like I am Bipolar, on round I'm happy because I was on top then next round I'm on bottom which pisses me off.. any way.. Missing a lot of games in here..

3249d ago
ZombieAutopsy3248d ago

Take Crackdown and Call of duty off that list and it'd be a good one. I just bought Prototype Friday and its alot of fun, it reminds me of Ultimate Spiderman while playing as Venom (kinda).

ZombieAutopsy3248d ago

Why because i dont like crackdown? Besides this is the fanboy zone anyways.

FishCake9T43248d ago

Carl Johnson is a BAMF fo sure homie.

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The story is too old to be commented.